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Petroleum products such as oil and petrol will damage bitumen based surfaces.

Asphalt is an extremely durable and long lasting surface. It can be driven on immediately, however it needs some care when first laid.

For the first several days after it is laid, extra care should be taken not to:

  • screw your car wheels while stationary as this will cause tyre scuff marks

  • place small weight bearing objects such as ladders, motorbike stands & trailer jockey wheels on the surface - this will cause indentations (we suggest initially using a plank of timber to spread the weight evenly).

This advice should also be followed (to a lesser extent) during the first year it is laid, especially during it's first Summer - after which you will have a hard-wearing, durable surface.

We spread yellow sand over newly laid asphalt/hotmix to help prevent scuff marks.


A type of fungus referred to as "puffballs" can penetrate through asphalt/hotmix in some rare circumstances. Puffballs may be inactive in the soil for years, and will suddenly grow because asphalt/hotmix is very hot while we are laying it (which will activate the puffballs to start growing). If you have these weeds on the site which is going to be asphalted (especially in cases where we are laying asphalt onto your existing base), spraying the site with weed killer prior to our arrival should take care of this problem.


All our workmanship and materials are guaranteed for 2 years.

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