Bennett Springs - urgent repair - burst water pipe

The 3 photos below show the damaged caused to a commerical carpark by a burst water pipe. The water pipe burst overnight and these photos show the site on arrival after the Water Authority had arrived and cordoned off the area. The water pressure created a crater near the tree and lifted the asphalt making the area dangerous and unsafe. #burstwaterpipe #pothole #crater #repairwork #urgent #hazardous #asphalthotmix #burstwaterpipe #pothole #crater #repairwork #urgent #hazardou

Girrawheen - carpark - resurface - linemarking

Below are photos taken a few days prior to works starting at a site in Girrawheen. As is obvious this 2613m² carpark, driveways, and crossovers are heavily potholed and worn. We have been contracted to resurface the entire area. Below are 3 photos of the works underway. Works start with areas adjacent to flush surfaces (soakwells, concrete paths, ramps etc.,) being cut out and removed so once the 30mm thick new asphalt/hotmix is laid the surrounding surfaces remain flush. The

Morley - driveway and carpark construction

Below are photos of various stages of a driveway and carpark construction project completed in Morley. All materials including sand, roadbase, soakwells and asphalt have to be carted through a garage to access the rear which is making the job progress slow and tedious. The first 6 photos show the front, rear and sides of the house prior to any work commencing. The following 5 photos show stages of the vegetation and excess sand being excavated and removed from site. The next

Northbridge - carpark - commercial - resurface

The first three photos show half a commercial carpark in Northbridge. The carpark is badly worn and the owners contracted us to resurface. The following four photos show the completed resurface. The area was swept clean, weeds removed, potholes prefilled, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and resurfaced with a 25mm thick layer of 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. On completion of the resurfacing this area was swept, hosed down, tidied up and sprinkled with a layer of sand to pre

Armadale - carpark

Another angle of this Armadale carpark with new wheelstops and bollards. New security fence and sliding gate yet to be installed. #wheelstops #bollards #carpark

Osborne Park - commercial - carpark - potholes - extension

Before photos of a commercial property in Osborne Park where the carpark was extended, patched and carpark lines re-marked. Parts of the existing undercroft carbays had subsided. The areas were pre-filled, resurfaced and tied in flush after the edges were profiled. Photos taken on completion of all asphalt works. Parts of these areas have already been line-marked and further photos show linemarking completed. The extension of the carpark was cut square, excess fill removed,

Mundaring - commercial driveway repair

The first 3 photos show a section of a commercial carpark and driveway in the Perth Hills suburb of Mundaring which has been damaged by a fallen tree. The contaminated material was removed from the excavation, roadbase was supplied, installed, compacted and waterbound to raise the level to the surrounding surfaces. The adjacent section of worn driveway was swept clean. The worn and damaged section of driveway was resurfaced with a bitumen tack emulsion and 40mm thick layer of

Girrawheen - commercial carpark - subsidence

The photo below shows a subsidence which appeared in a commercial carpark in Girrawheen. #commercialcarpark #subsidence #patch #repair #girrawheen #commerical #asphalthotmix Below are 2 photos of the subsidence being excavated to locate the source. The carpark is many years old and was constructed without the sub-base being totally cleared of vegetation which has resulted in a tree stump rotting away over the years, creating a cavity and then a subsidence. We excavated the re

Alexander Heights - pothole patching - commercial centre

Below are before and after photos of potholed sections of driveways and carparks throughout this commercial centre in the Perth northern suburb of Alexander Heights. Our Company patch potholes once or twice each year at this commercial centre and eventually the owners intend to completely resurface the areas. The potholes were swept clean in both the customer carparks and driveways and throughout the service delivery area. Once the potholes were swept clean they were tacked w

Alexander Heights - commercial carpark - pothole repairs

Below are a few before and after photos of more patching at this large commercial centre in Alexander Heights. The carparks and driveways are due for eventual resurfacing so this is a temporary measure. In the interim, the life of the surface is being extended to keep the area safe for vehicle and pedestrian use. The potholes have been swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and filled with a 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. #alexanderheights #commercial #carpark #drivew

Midland - patching - repairs - commercial - carpark

Below are before and after pictures of a potholed carpark for a retail commercial complex in Midland. We were contracted to effect repairs to the carpark without inhibiting customer traffic. We attended site early on a weekday morning - sawcut the patches and removed all debris. A layer of bitumen tack was applied prior to a 30mm thick layer of 7mm red laterite/gravelpave hotmix/asphalt. The area was swept and tidied up, cooled down with cold water (steam is still visible) an

South Lake - pothole - patching

Below are before and after photos of a pothole that had to be repaired urgently in a commercial carpark in the Perth southern suburb of South Lake. The pothole was swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and filled with a 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt mix - overlapping edges for a good seal. This pothole was patched in a very busy carpark without any interruption to customer traffic flow. #pothole #southlake #asphalt #repair #hotmix #bitumen #patching #carpark

Morley - carpark - patching - commercial

Below are photos showing patching repair work of potholes and excavations at a commercial property carpark in Morley. The potholes opened up after recent heavy rain and were swept clean, patched with a bitumen tack and 7mm granite black hotmix - overlapping edges to create a good seal. this is just a temporary fix for safety reasons as the area is soon to be resurfaced. #potholes #patching #excavations #morley #asphalt #bitumen #hotmix #repairs #carpark

Hovea - National Park - carpark - patching - potholes

Below are photos of the driveways and carparks in a National Park in the Perth hills suburb of Hovea. The bitumen surfaces are earmarked to eventually be resurfaced. In the meantime the potholes are patched a couple of times a year. The worst of the potholes have been swept clean and tacked with a bitumen emulsion. The prepared potholes were filled with a 10mm black granite hotmix/asphalt and compacted overlapping the edges to ensure a good seal. #perthhills #potholes #repai

Alexander Heights - pothole patching

This is a close up photo of a well worn shopping centre carpark. The surface has been patched a number of times over recent years and due for pothole patching again. The management's intention is to eventually resurface all the driveways and carparks at considerable cost. Patching the potholes as they appear has managed to extend the life of the surface considerably. #potholes #alexanderheights #repairs #carpark #driveway #shoppingcentre #hotmix #bitumen #asphalt

Victoria Park - carpark - church - resurfacing

Below are pictures of an old church carpark in need of resurfacing. The photos below show the surface once our crew had finished. The driveways and carbays were swept clean, edges trimmed back to tie in flush, potholes pre-filled and compacted. Once the preliminary works had been completed the area was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and resurfaced with a 25mm thick layer of 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. Sand was sprinkled on the surface to allow for immediate use and the

Kenwick - potholes - commercial - patching

Below are before and after photos of a small carpark in front of a retail shop in Albany Highway, Kenwick. The potholes were swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and patched with 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. The edges were overlapped to ensure a good seal. The owners have previously patched this carpark prolonging the need for a complete resurface. #kenwick #patching #carpark #potholes #bitumen #hotmix #asphalt #retail

Wembley - pothole patching - carpark - home units

Below are various photos of a large carpark owned by the residents of this multi-unit development with a number of small potholes in need of maintenance. We swept the areas clean, prefilled and patched with a bitumen tack emulsion and 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt at various thicknesses to extend the life of the carpark by a number of years. #wembley #potholes #carpark #residential #potholes #tack #asphalt #bitumen #repairs

Wanneroo - pothole patching - commercial

Below are various before and after photos of pothole patching in a well worn Commercial Centre carpark in the Perth suburb of Wanneroo. The potholes were swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion, filled with 7mm granite black hotmix and compacted - overlapping edges to ensure a good seal. This pothole patching is a stop-gap measure until the carparks are to be completely resurfaced. #wanneroo #potholes #repairs #patching #linemarking #commercial #carpark #bitumen #hotmxi #

Pickering Brook - potholes - patching

Below are before and after photos of a very worn carpark to a small group of shops in the Perth hills suburb of Pickering Brook. This aging carpark has had it's life extended once more by patching approximately 100 open potholes throughout the surface. The owner has extended the need to resurface the carpark by decades as every few years we have been asked to patch worn and open potholes. We swept the potholes clean. Tacked with a bitumen emulsion and overlaid the potholes w