Brigadoon - sub division - crossover - headwalls - pipes

Below are photos of 2 sites where proposed crossovers are to be installed and 2 photos of an old crossover which is to be widened and new headwalls with concrete pipes installed. Below are 3 photos of an excavator preparing to dig out culvert drains and install the concrete stormwater pipes with concrete headwalls on either side. Below are 2 photos showing stages of the roadbase installation @ 150mm thickness. Below are 6 photos of the roadbase surface to the crossovers - lev

Crossover construction - Greenmount - Perth Hills

This property's crossover was a badly worn loose gravel surface which made it difficult to pull out onto the road without losing traction. The surface was prepared with roadbase, compacted and waterbound before being sealed with red asphalt / hotmix / bitumen. All council specifications were adhered to, ensuring the customer received the full rebate. #crossover #construction #PerthHills

New driveway and crossover construction- Kalamunda - Perth Hills

This asphalt/hotmix/bitumen driveway and crossover was constructed using black granite asphalt which turns dark grey after a period of time, just like your local road. The owner did not require kerbing on the sides of the driveway, however he was advised kerbing could be added at a later date if he would like. Yellow sand was spread on this newly installed asphalt/hotmix/bitumen driveway and crossover so traffic can use the surface immediately while still giving the new sur

Driveway and Crossover Construction - Perth - Roleystone

This steep driveway in the Perth hills suburb of Roleystone was slippery and dangerous with the existing loose hardstand surface. Now, sealed with black hotmix / bitumen / asphalt, the driveway is safe and trouble free. The customer can now drive in and out of his property without sliding and wheels spinning. #Driveway #Crossover #Construction

Crossover Construction - Perth Hills - Darlington

This crossover construction began on an existing, badly damaged, gravel hardstand surface. The surface was prepared with new gravel/ferricrete roadbase to re-level and create a clean, flat surface for the bitumen seal. Red hotmix / asphalt / bitumen was laid to seal the crossover with a small water diversion hump installed along one side. The finished product looks amazing and the customer is very happy with the outcome. #Crossover #Construction

Crossover and Driveway Construction - Perth Hills - Mahogany Creek

This crossover and driveway construction began as a dirt track through the customers property. Sand and debris were removed from site and a gravel / ferricrete roadbase was used to create a solid surface to apply a red hotmix / asphalt / bitumen seal. The finished product blends in nicely to the surrounding gardens and allows for easy access to the rear of the property. #Crossover and #Driveway #Construction

New crossover construction - The Vines

he broken bricks and fill from this new construction was excavated and disposed off site before new roadbase / hardstand was installed ,compacted and waterbound. Granite black hotmix / asphalt was then applied to seal the roadbase hardstand and form a brand new entrance to the property. #Newcrossover #construction