Gooseberry Hill - red oxide bitumen driveway and parking area

This double parking bay was installed at a Gooseberry Hill residence. After removing excess soil, a gravel/roadbase hardstand surface was first laid, and this was then sealed with a red asphalt / hotmix / bitumen surface. The area provides two additional parking bays next to the brickpaved driveway and blends in with the gravel rocks and native vegetation used in the front yard. This red oxide bitumen asphalt is dark when first laid but will turn a light shade of red over t

Kalamunda - driveway - extension - crossover

The two photos below show the existing driveway prior to any works commencing. The client has requested us to widen and resurface the crossover and driveway. The following two photos show the completion of the basework. Excess fill was removed, the extensions were filled with a 100mm thick layer of roadbase/gravel, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The remaining driveway was swept clean, weeds removed and potholes/depressions pre-filled with base. The edge

Bennett Springs - urgent repair - burst water pipe

The 3 photos below show the damaged caused to a commerical carpark by a burst water pipe. The water pipe burst overnight and these photos show the site on arrival after the Water Authority had arrived and cordoned off the area. The water pressure created a crater near the tree and lifted the asphalt making the area dangerous and unsafe. #burstwaterpipe #pothole #crater #repairwork #urgent #hazardous #asphalthotmix #burstwaterpipe #pothole #crater #repairwork #urgent #hazardou

Rural driveway Bickley Perth Hills - red bitumen with kerbing

This rural driveway in Bickley has been finished off nicely with red hotmix (also called laterite hotmix or red gravelpave asphalt). This photo was taken one year after the driveway was laid and some of the red colouring has started to appear, and this will continue to lighten over time. Semi-mountable kerbing has been laid either side of the driveway which isn't necessary for strength or durability but provides a very nice finish. #rural #driveway #Perth #Hills #red #bitume

Glen Forrest - driveway - crossover - parking area

The following six photos show existing hardstand areas prior to any works commencing. The following nine photos show the same areas as above cleared of grass, scraped clean and the beginning of gravel/ferricrete being brought in and spread. The following six photos show all the gravel/ferricrete installed, spread, graded, compacted and waterbound. This forms a solid hardstand surface ready for the application of a bitumen tackcoat and a layer of asphalt/hotmix. #gravel #ferr

Greenmount - residential driveway and parking area

The first three photos below show the front yard of a house prior to any works taking place. The following five photos show various stages of roadbase work once the area was scraped clean of any contamination and excess fill. Roadbase was installed, levelled, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. #roadbase #hardstand #driveway #compaction The following photos show the asphalt surface completed only minutes earlier. The area was tacked with a bitumen emulsion a

West Swan - commercial - traffic island modification

Below are 4 photos of a traffic island prior to our company removing a large section to reduce the size to allow for easier traffic access. The following 4 photos show various stages of work being carried out. The first photo shows the area with part of the traffic island excavated and removed and the excavation filled with 100mm roadbase. The following 3 photos show the area levelled, compacted, waterbound and sealed with a bitumen tack and 25mm thick layer of 7mm granite bl

Morley - driveway and carpark construction

Below are photos of various stages of a driveway and carpark construction project completed in Morley. All materials including sand, roadbase, soakwells and asphalt have to be carted through a garage to access the rear which is making the job progress slow and tedious. The first 6 photos show the front, rear and sides of the house prior to any work commencing. The following 5 photos show stages of the vegetation and excess sand being excavated and removed from site. The next

Kalamunda - hills - driveway - resurface - red asphalt

This residential driveway in Kalamunda was severely damaged by neighbouring trees which have now been removed. The raised sections of driveway were removed, holes prefilled with compacted roadbase and each end of the damaged section of driveway was sawcut to be able to tie in flush. The sections were further prepared by sweeping, applying a bitumen tack and resurfacing with a 25mm thick layer of 7mm red gravelpave hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. Four subsidences at the rear of

Middle Swan - residential - driveway - crossover - resurface

The first 3 photos show a worn, aging residential bitumen crossover and driveway in Middle Swan. The following 4 photos show the same crossover and driveway after the resurfacing had been completed. The area was swept clean, potholes and depressions prefilled and compacted, the surface tacked with a bitumen emulsion and resurfaced with a 25mm thick layer of 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. #middleswan #perthfoothills #crossover #driveway #resurface #blackasphalthotmix #bitum

Embleton - driveway - residential - resurface

The first two photos show an existing badly worn and damaged driveway in the Perth suburb of Embleton. The driveway was swept clean, excess fill removed from the excavation at the top of the driveway and filled with roadbase, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. Below is the completed resurfaced driveway. Once the preparation and clean up of the driveway was completed the surface was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and resurface with a minimum 25mm thick layer

Lower Chittering - gravel - ferricrete - hardstand - driveway

This existing gravel/ferricrete driveway and crossover was regraded, compacted and waterbound to produce a level hardstand surface which will last a number of years. This surface was graded and rolled approximately 7 years ago by our crew and has lasted well considering it's on a reasonably steep slope. #gravel #ferricrete #hardstand #driveway #crossover #lowerchittering #rural

Greenmount - new red bitumen driveway

The old cracked and damaged concrete driveway and concrete crossover is now a brand new red bitumen (red asphalt) driveway in preparation for the house to be sold. A roadbase /gravel / limestone basecourse was installed and compacted, to ensure there was a solid base for the bitumen / asphalt / hotmix to be laid on. The driveway and crossover were then sealed with red gravelpave hotmix (red bitumen / red asphalt) which suits the property much more and blends this driveway in

Roleystone - patching - red asphalt - residential driveway

Below is a photo of a completed excavation/plumbing repair work through a residential red asphalt/hotmix driveway in Roleystone. The excavation has been backfilled and compacted in layers ready for our crew to effect repairs. #redlateriteasphalt #perthhills #roleystone #redhotmix #patching #excavation #driveway The following two photos show the completion of the patch. The excavation was filled with roadbase, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The edges wer

Hovea - water diversion hump

The client at this Hovea property was concerned about a water run-off flooding problem. We were contracted to form a water diversion hump across the driveway to divert water run-off to a preferred area. The section of driveway was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and the hump formed with red laterite/gravelpave hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide which is the same material as what this near new driveway was sealed with. The surface of both the hump and driveway will oxidise and lighte

Gooseberry Hill - driveway resurface - flush concrete kerb

The first 4 photos show sections of this worn residential crossover and driveway in the Perth Hills suburb of Gooseberry Hill. The surface was swept clean after matching concrete kerb was supplied and installed to the crossover edges which had broken away over time. Potholes were prefilled and the area was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and resurfaced with a 25mm thick layer of 7mm laterite/gravelpave hotmix/asphalt. Once the area was resurfaced the area was sprinkled with sa

Boya - red hotmix driveway extension

This aging red asphalt driveway has been extended to the carport, a ramp has been formed to a new concrete platform and an 11 metre long water diversion hump was installed ensuring water flow away from the house. Roadbase/gravel was installed, compacted and waterbound and used as the base followed by a bitumen tack and a 25mm thick layer of red gravelpave laterite hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. Additional red asphalt/hotmix was used to form the water diversion hump. Over time

Darlington - water diversion hump

Below are photos showing a long water diversion hump installed along the side of an existing red asphalt driveway. The client contacted us to install the water diversion hump as rain water was causing wash-out damage to the natural surface along the side of the driveway. The water has now been diverted to run off the driveway in an area suitable for discharge. The edge of the driveway was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and the hump formed out of 7mm gravelpave/laterite hotmix

Red bitumen driveway - Bedfordale - Perth Hills

These property owners in Bedfordale engaged our company to refresh their old driveway with a new red asphalt driveway (also called red oxide bitumen, or just red bitumen). The new asphalt / hotmix surface ties in great with the local orange gravel rock garden bed edging, as well as creating a great looking, safe, low maintenance area which ties in to the existing concrete footpath and limestone retaining wall. These photos were taken immediately after the job was completed

Swan View - driveway crack sealing

Asphalt driveways throughout the Perth Hills are notorious for cracking due to the movement of the ground which consists largely of clay material. This driveway in the Perth hills suburb of Swan View had developed a few cracks and the owner contacted us to seal them due to concerns of potholes developing. Red gravelpave/laterite asphalt/hotmix fines were used to fill the cracks, areas re-heated with a gas blow torch and compacted with a vibrating roller. The compaction marks