Alexander Heights - Service Station - repair - pothole

A section of this driveway consistently has potholes appearing. The potholes have been patched on numerous occasions. This time we pre-filled the potholes and laid a large patch over the entire area. #potholes #asphalt #bitumen #repair #perth

Red asphalt driveway with kerbing - Darlington - Perth hills

Photo was taken several years after this job was completed, so the red asphalt has had a chance to lighten in colour over time. We installed semi-mountable kerbing on this Perth hills driveway before sealing it with red asphalt / red gravelpave hotmix / red bitumen. #Red #asphalt #driveway #kerbing #Perth #hills

Rural driveway Bickley Perth Hills - red bitumen with kerbing

This rural driveway in Bickley has been finished off nicely with red hotmix (also called laterite hotmix or red gravelpave asphalt). This photo was taken one year after the driveway was laid and some of the red colouring has started to appear, and this will continue to lighten over time. Semi-mountable kerbing has been laid either side of the driveway which isn't necessary for strength or durability but provides a very nice finish. #rural #driveway #Perth #Hills #red #bitume

Verge in red asphalt - Kalamunda - Perth hills

These property owners wanted a low maintenance verge so opted to seal the area with red gravelpave hotmix/asphalt/bitumen (also called red oxide hotmix/asphalt/bitumen). We boxed out the area (removed excess fill/gravel/sand) then installed a 100mm thick roadbase/gravel hardstand basecourse which was compacted and waterbound to form a solid basecourse ready for the hotmix/asphalt/bitumen surface to be laid on. The final step of installing 25mm of red gravelpave hotmix/aspha

Driveway resurface - Darlington - Perth hills

This Darlington (Perth hills) driveway and crossover was potholed and in need of repair. We prefilled the potholes with roadbase/gravel then laid red gravelpave hotmix (red oxide bitumen / red oxide asphalt) over the top to create a new driveway surface. The surface levels were modified to ensure water is diverted to the new precast concrete kerbing then into a drain/soakwell. Red asphalt is quite dark when first laid, then turns lighter red over time as the oxide reacts wi

Driveway resurface 2 - Darlington - Perth hills

This is the same job as shown in the previous entry, now it has been covered with a layer of yellow sand on top of the red gravelpave hotmix (red oxide asphalt / red oxide bitumen) to allow immediate traffic access and reduce unslightly scuff marks on the asphalt/bitumen/hotmix surface. #driveway #resurface #Perth #hills

Completed asphalt driveway - Boya - Perth hills

ee previous entry for the before photo showing the old, worn roadbase / gravel hardstand driveway. Ruts can be seen where water run off has created an uneven surface. While uneven and unsightly, the hardstand (roadbase / gravel / limestone) driveway was a solid foundation for us to build on, so the contaminated top layer of roadbase was scraped away, a fresh new hardstand (roadbase / gravel / limestone - in this case roadbase) was then added to form a new solid basecourse, r

Bitumen / asphalt / hotmix patch next to new limestone wall - Mahogany Creek - Perth hills

This Mahogany Creek property owner had some works done to his existing red hotmix driveway and parking area (red oxide asphalt / red oxide asphalt) and asked us to come and patch some small areas, trenches and extend the driveway to create a parking bay. The above photo shows the patch next to a new limestone wall, with the new red hotmix (red oxide bitumen / red oxide asphalt) sitting flush with the existing, and neatly finishing off the surface next to the limestone wall.

Potholes in carpark - Forrestfield - Perth foot hills

These large potholes were a potential hazard in this medical centre carpark and needed fast repair. Loose debris is swept out of the potholes and new asphalt / bitumen / hotmix is laid to seal over the damaged area. Yellow sand has been spread on to these newly repaired pothole patches so they can be driven on immediately and still protected from unsightly scuff marks caused by customers turning their vehicle wheels while stationery. #Potholes #carpark #Perth #foothills

Red bitumen crossover - Bickley - Perth hills

Asphalt / bitumen / hotmix is a common driveway material in the Perth hills and these photos show why it is a popular choice as it blends into and compliments the surrounding natural environment. This crossover is actually red oxide bitumen (also called red gravelpave hotmix, red laterite asphalt, or red 1% oxde - all these are the same product with different names) however because it is newly laid, the colouring has not lightened yet and it appears almost black for it's fir

Subdivision crossovers - Mt Helena - Perth hills

These Mount Helena property owners are in the process of subdividing their large block, and as part of the Shire / council approval process, each new block must have a sealed crossover leading from the road to the property boundary. Our company was recommended to them by the Shire of Mundaring contractors list as we have worked in the area for over 30 years. Each of the four crossovers were boxed out (excess fill removed and disposed of in an approved recycling depot). A ha

Resurface red bitumen driveway - Glen Forrest Perth Hills

This long driveway in Glen Forrest was old and worn before our workcrew arrived to resurface it. The new 25mm layer of red bitumen (also called red gravelpave hotmix / red oxide asphalt) brings it up like new and the surface will last for many more years to come. Red bitumen when first laid is very dark in colour and lightens over time as the oxide reacts with sunlight, resulting in the light red (almost orange) colour that most customers, especially in the Perth hills areas

Red bitumen driveway - Bedfordale - Perth Hills

These property owners in Bedfordale engaged our company to refresh their old driveway with a new red asphalt driveway (also called red oxide bitumen, or just red bitumen). The new asphalt / hotmix surface ties in great with the local orange gravel rock garden bed edging, as well as creating a great looking, safe, low maintenance area which ties in to the existing concrete footpath and limestone retaining wall. These photos were taken immediately after the job was completed

Driveway extension on curved driveway - Hovea - Perth hills

The bend in this driveway in Hovea in the Perth Hills, was badly damaged due to traffic running over the edge. The area was prepared with new gravel/ferricrete/road base, compacted and waterbound, then sealed with red hotmix (also called red 1% asphalt, or red gravelpave bitumen). This has made the driveway easier to use and will keep drivers on the sealed surface. #Driveway #extension #driveway #Perth #hills

new red bitumen driveway - Greenmount Perth hills

The old cracked and damaged concrete driveway and concrete crossover is now a brand new red bitumen (red asphalt) driveway in preparation for the house to be sold. A roadbase /gravel / limestone basecourse was installed and compacted, to ensure there was a solid base for the bitumen / asphalt / hotmix to be laid on. The driveway and crossover were then sealed with red gravelpave hotmix (red bitumen / red asphalt) which suits the property much more and blends this driveway in

Culvert pipe and headwalls - crossover - Darlington Perth hills

We installed this concrete culvert pipe and concrete headwalls on a rural crossover in Darlington in the Perth hills. The culvert allows stormwater to flow along the verge uninteruppted by the property owner's rural driveway. A gravel / limestone / roadbase hardstand was then installed over the top of the culvert pipe creating a strong basecourse, then asphalt / hotmix / bitumen was laid to seal the crossover. #Culvert #pipe #headwalls #crossover #Perth #hills

red asphalt repair patch in driveway - Gooseberry Hill - Perth hills

The property owners of this driveway in Perth hills suburb Gooseberry Hill needed a small repair done to a slight damaged section. You can clearly see the colour difference in an aged red oxide hotmix (red oxide asphalt, red gravelpave hotmix) material, compared to newly laid red oxide hotmix in the patch. The patch will lighten over time with exposure to sunlight. #red #asphalt #repair #patch #driveway #Perth #hills

Glen Forrest - Perth hills - red asphalt crossover

Red asphalt / red oxide bitumen / red hotmix are commonly used in the Perth hills areas, including this crossover at a home in Glen Forrest. The double width crossover plus wings allows the property owners to access their concrete driveway from the road. The photo was taken immediately after the job was completed so water is visible on the surface. The asphalt also appears almost black, but will lighten to a red colour over time when the red oxide is exposed to sunlight. #P

Kalamunda - Perth hills - black bitumen crossover resurface

This crossover was repaired by prefilling all the potholes and damaged areas, then resurfaced with a new layer of black asphalt / granite black hotmix. The crossover can be driven on immediately, unlike concrete which requires a curing time with no vehicle access. The home owners chose not to install kerbing on the sides of the crossover, as it is not needed, however can be added later for aesthetic reasons if wanted. #Kalamunda #Perth #hills #black #bitumen #crossover #res

Finished red asphalt driveway - Parkerville Perth hills

This large double driveway and crossovers was first prepared into a gravel hardstand - see our previous Blog entry. The entire area was then sealed with red asphalt (known by several names including red oxide bitumen, red oxide hotmix, red 1% asphalt, red gravelpave bitumen) to complete the job, making it an ultra low maintenance surface, easily cleaned, not needed any annual maintenance, and built to last for many years. #Finished #red #asphalt #driveway #Parkerville #Perth