North Perth and Highgate - rear asphalt laneway patches

The builder of these complexes butting up to two rear laneways needed the damaged sections of the laneways reconstructed. Areas of the driveway/laneway were cut out straight, constructed with a basecourse (in this case roadbase but can often be limestone or gravel depending on the situation) which is then compacted and waterbound. Once sealed with bitumen tack, hotmix/asphalt it finishes off this asphalt driveway nicely and the neighbours in these Perth suburbs were very ha

Rear laneway bitumen patch - Scarborough Perth

This storage area behind a commerical property in Scarborough was holding water, making it useless to the tenants. After a new soakwell was installed we were contracted to relevel the area with roadbase, creating fall to the new soakwell and seal with black hotmix/asphalt. The area was left clean and ready for the tenant to use immediately. #Rear #laneway #bitumen #patch

Black asphalt rear laneway (right of way) - Bassendean Perth

A new house was built on this property in the Bassendean suburb of Perth. During the construction of the house the existing laneway was damaged. We sawcut and removed all damaged material, disposing off site. Roadbase was used to prepare the area before flush concrete kerb was installed along one edge. Black hotmix / asphalt was laid to seal the area. All works were carried out to shire specifications. #Black #asphalt #rear #laneway