Red bitumen driveway repairs - Lesmurdie

This existing red bitumen / asphalt driveway was badly lifted and damaged due to tree roots growing underneath. The damaged area was cut out, roots excavated and disposed of before new roadbase and red bitumen installed flush with all surrounding surfaces. As you can see there is a color difference between new and old apshalt / bitumen due to age and oxidization. #Redbitumen #driveway #repairs

Red bitumen driveway repairs - Boya

The owners of this property had a section of their driveway excavated to repair a damaged water pipe. We attended site, sawcut the edges of the excavation, backfilled and compacted the roadbase and sealed with red hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. The repaired surface was ready for use immediately. #redbitumen #redasphalt #hotmix #driveway #repair