Driveway - black asphalt - Belmont, Perth

This residential driveway began as a combination of concrete slabs, bricks and hardstand roadbase. All excess material was removed and disposed off site. The driveway was re-leveled with roadbase and sealed with black asphalt / hotmix. The end result is a clean, dust free surface that will last many years to come. #Driveway #black #asphalt

Asphalt driveway resurface - Swan View Perth

This customers existing asphalt crossover was badly potholed and worn. The surface was swept clean of all debris, potholes prefilled and resurfaced with black asphalt / hotmix. This owners were able to use the new crossover and access their property the same day. Location: Swan View, Perth #Asphalt #driveway #resurface

Asphalt trench repair - Murdoch Perth

A damaged underground water pipe at this industrial property was excavated and repaired before our company attended site to repair the asphalt surface. The edges were cut straight and the excavation sealed with black asphalt / hotmix. These works were carried out in the early morning to reduce the impact on surrounding businesses. Location: Murdoch, Perth #Asphalt #trench #repair

Black asphalt crossover - Mt Nasura - Perth hills

This existing bitumen crossover was badly worn, as well as having a dangerous step from the newly installed neighbouring concrete crossover. The area was swept clean, all potholes filled and a smooth ramp formed along the edge of the concrete crossover. The crossover was then resurfaced the 7mm black hotmix / asphalt. Location: Mt Nasura, Perth #black #asphalt #crossover

Red asphalt gravelpave driveway extension - Orange Grove, Perth

This property in the Perth foothills required a new driveway to be installed to allow access to a newly built house and garage. All excess fill was excavated and removed from site, roadbase installed and compacted before being sealed with red gravelpave hotmix / asphalt. The new surface smoothly ties in to the existing driveway neatly. Location: Orange Grove, Perth #Red #asphalt #gravelpave #driveway #extension

Industrial yard asphalt patches - Bayswater Perth

This is a commercial / light industrial property in Bayswater, Perth. The owners excavated the edges of their carpark and we installed roadbase (also possible to use limestone or gravel) to form a hardstand surface prior to sealing the carpark extensions with 14mm aggregate black asphalt/bitumen/hotmix at an average depth of 40mm. Our roller operator Damien is giving it the final roll prior to Steve our foreman inspecting the finished job. #Industrial #asphalt #patches

Red Asphalt Driveway - Perth Hills - Kalamunda

The existing entrance to this carport was steep and difficult to walk up due to the slippery gravel. The area was prepared with roadbase before being sealed with red asphalt / bitumen / hotmix. The finished surface is smooth and safe to walk up and down. #Red #Asphalt #Driveway #PerthHills

Asphalt Repairs - Perth Airport

The existing bitumen surface to this plane parking area was deteriorating and creating a hazard for the planes engines. The areas were sawcut and removed, all debris swept clean and patched / repaired with black asphalt / hotmix/ bitumen. The finished surface was left perfectly clean so no loose material could damage the planes engines. #Asphalt #Repairs #parking

Trench repairs - Bibra Lake

This existing bitumen crossover needed to be excavated to install new services to the property. Bitumen / Hotmix / Asphalt was used to patch the area and finish flush with the surrounding surface. The area was ready to be used immediately so the client could continue normal operation of their business. #trench #asphalt #repair #crossover #driveway

Parking Bays - Perth CBD

The existing parking area at the rear of this commercial property was badly worn, cracked and damaged. All loose material was removed off site, the surface repaired and levelled before black hotmix / asphalt / bitumen was laid. The area was ready for parking immediately. #commercial #carpark #asphalt

Red asphalt hump - Maida Vale

The owners of this property had installed a new electric gate that unfortunately sat so high off the existing driveway their pet dogs could escape underneath. We were given the task of forming a red asphalt / bitumen / hotmix hump beneath the closed gate to ensure the owners beloved pets would stay safely inside the fence line. #red #asphalt #hump

Pothole repairs - Stoneville

This badly worn and damaged driveway in the Perth Hills suburb of stoneville required urgent repairs to maintain access to the property. Temporary repairs were made to all the potholes with the long term plan of a complete resurface at a later date. #pothole #repair #asphalt

Asphalt / bitumen repairs and cracksealing - Lesmurdie

This tennis court in the Perth Hills suburb of Lesmurdie was badly cracked and damaged due to its age and ground movement in the hills area. All cracks were cleaned of debris before being sealed. The area was ready for use within a few hours of completion of works. #tennis #court #repair #asphalt

Red Asphalt crossover and driveway - Perth - Forrestfield

This property had an existing single driveway that did not meet the requirements of the new owner. The existing concrete was removed and disposed off site before roadbase was installed and compacted at 100mm thick. The roadbase was left to dry out and set before red asphalt /hotmix / bitumen was laid at 25mm to seal the surface. The owner now has plenty of parking and access to his garage. #Red #Asphalt #crossover #driveway

Red Asphalt Driveway - Chidlow

This new house constructed in the Perth Hills suburb of Chidlow required a new bitumen crossover, driveway and paths. Allied bitumen was employed to undertake all aspects of the job, from basework to kerbing to the laying of red hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. The finished product was left smooth, clean and ready for immediate use. #Red #Asphalt #Driveway

Red Asphalt driveway - New construction - Darlington

This property in the Perth hills suburb of Darlington had an existing gravel / dirt driveway which became dusty in summer and muddy in winter. The existing layer of mud / dirt was removed and disposed off site before laying and compacting roadbase to ensure a solid foundation for the new red asphalt / hotmix / bitumen. The finished product is clean, free from dust, and ready to be used immediately. #Asphalt #driveway

Driveway and crossover construction - Lesmurdie

This residential property in the Perth hills of Lesmurdie had a roadbase/limestone constructed surface over the existing natural gravel area. The following day we laid a tackcoat with red gravelpave with 1% oxide asphalt/hotmix/bitumen surface to create a second driveway for the owner to park his caravan. #asphalt #driveway #crossover

Red asphalt crossover and driveway - Lesmurdie

Red gravelpave driveways and crossovers with 1% oxide are a very popular choice for homeowners throughout the Perth hills. As the driveway oxidises the nice natural red colour becomes much more apparent. #asphalt #gravelpave #lesmurdie #crossover

Proposed asphalt driveway - Mundaring

Mundaring - A natural gravel surface which shortly will be transformed into a 650m² black asphalt/hotmix/bitumen driveway and parking area. Finished driveway below. #mundaring #asphalt #perthhills #bitumen #asphalt #driveway

Newly constructed asphalt driveway - Mundaring

The natural dusty and muddy driveway surface has been transformed into a nice smooth clean dust free driveway and parking area in the Perth hills suburb of Chidlow. This asphalt surface will fade to a grey colour and as you can see sand has been sprinkled on the new bitumen surface to avoid scuffing. #driveway #asphalt #scuffing