Armadale - carpark - bollards - wheelstops

This Armadale carpark was being prepared to be secured with perimeter fencing, sliding security gate with bollards, new line marking and wheelstops. Only minor patching was required with asphalt/hotmix/bitumen adjacent to the concrete footing making ready for the new sliding electric security gates. #bollards #wheelstops #patch #asphalt #hotmix #bitumen #linemarking

Armadale - carpark

Another angle of this Armadale carpark with new wheelstops and bollards. New security fence and sliding gate yet to be installed. #wheelstops #bollards #carpark

Osborne Park - carpark - commercial premises - ramp

The photo below shows a completed ramp joining the concrete carpark onto the driveway. Part of the Colourbond fence was removed and gates were installed. We removed bollards, concrete kerb and a hump along the edge of the concrete, sawcut edges, prepared the base and sealed with a bitumen tack and 7mm granite black 50mm thick hotmix/asphalt forming a flush ramp to all adjoining surfaces allowing traffic flow to the newly opened carpark. Sand was sprinkled on the newly laid su