Roleystone - patching - red asphalt - residential driveway

Below is a photo of a completed excavation/plumbing repair work through a residential red asphalt/hotmix driveway in Roleystone. The excavation has been backfilled and compacted in layers ready for our crew to effect repairs. #redlateriteasphalt #perthhills #roleystone #redhotmix #patching #excavation #driveway The following two photos show the completion of the patch. The excavation was filled with roadbase, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The edges wer

Armadale - carpark modifications

This Public service centre in Armadale needed urgent carpark modifications to adjust for the COVID situation and expected heightened traffic. Below are various before and after photos of sections of brick paved traffic islands which had to be removed and asphalted to allow for modified emergency vehicle use. A couple of the areas were to be used immediately by heavy vehicles and hence were cooled down with water and covered with sand to reduce damage to the newly laid surface

John Forrest National Park - patching - road repairs

Below are before and after photos of repairs throughout driveways, carparks and roads at John Forrest National Park in the Perth Hills. The potholes were swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and patched with a 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt - overlapping the edges. One section of the road was damaged by an underground burst waterpipe. Once the pipe repairs were completed the area was backfilled, compacted, saw cut and patched flush with a bitumen emulsion tack and a

Wilson - sub division - crossover removal

Below is a photo of block of land which is to be sub-divided. Prior to this photo being taken we were asked by our client to remove an existing bitumen crossover and leave as sand. The new driveway is to be installed on the opposite side of the block of land after sub-division goes through. #subdivision #wilson #crossover #bitumen #bobcat #excavation

Bassendean - potholes - repairs - ramp

Below are 4 photos of potholes and excavations in an existing asphalt yard adjacent to a concrete slab. Below are 2 photos the excavations having been sawcut and ready for roadbase to be added. The first photo below shows the finished patching of the excavation. Roadbase was added, levelled, compacted and waterbound and sealed with a bitumen emulsion tack and 40mm thick layer of 10mm granite black hotmix/asphalt flush to surrounding surfaces. The two potholed areas of the yar

Trench excavation for electrical installation - West Perth

This West Perth business needed a trench sawcut and excavated in their asphalt driveway for installation of a new electrical system, then the asphalt / bitumen reinstated. We attended site to sawcut and excavate the trench on one day - you can see in the photo that we have had to work around existing service pipes (in this case water pipes). Electrical contactors completed their installation the following day, then we were able to reattend site on a second visit to backfill