Mt Richon - driveway - crossover - residential

The first two photos below show and existing worn driveway and crossover in Mt Richon. The area was swept clean, depressions and potholes pre-filled and compacted. One side of the driveway adjacent to the limestone wall was extended. Excess fill was removed, roadbase was installed compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The following three photos show the new red gravelpave/laterite hotmix resurfacing completed. The hotmix/asphalt strip on each side of the driv

Kalamunda - driveway - extension - crossover

The two photos below show the existing driveway prior to any works commencing. The client has requested us to widen and resurface the crossover and driveway. The following two photos show the completion of the basework. Excess fill was removed, the extensions were filled with a 100mm thick layer of roadbase/gravel, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The remaining driveway was swept clean, weeds removed and potholes/depressions pre-filled with base. The edge

Rockingham - carpark - resurface - extension

Below are 2 photos of an old and worn driveway at the rear of housing units in the Perth suburb of Rockingham. Below are 4 photos of various stages of work where we have removed the excess fill from the proposed driveway extensions, filled the excavations with roadbase @ minimum 100mm thick and compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface ready for asphalting. Below is a photo of the asphalt/hotmix work in progress. Following the completion of the hardstand extensions

High Wycombe - crossover extension - asphalt

Below are before and after photos of a crossover which had to be extended as the owner had sub-divided his block and installed a roadbase hardstand driveway to access the rear block. The owner did not want to resurface the existing crossover simultaneously which would have made for a better aesthetic look. The extension was excavated and roadbase/gravel was installed @ 100mm thick, compacted and waterbound. Once dry the hardstand extension was tacked with a bitumen emulsion a

Boya - red hotmix driveway extension

This aging red asphalt driveway has been extended to the carport, a ramp has been formed to a new concrete platform and an 11 metre long water diversion hump was installed ensuring water flow away from the house. Roadbase/gravel was installed, compacted and waterbound and used as the base followed by a bitumen tack and a 25mm thick layer of red gravelpave laterite hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. Additional red asphalt/hotmix was used to form the water diversion hump. Over time

Leederville - repairs - patching - rear lane

The rear of this property is being prepared for a sub-division which backs onto a rear ROW/access/laneway. Part of the requirements directed by the local City Council is part of the property adjacent to the laneway is sealed with a strip of asphalt/hotmix/bitumen. The area was first prepared with a limestone base to Council requirements, then sealed with a 40mm minimum thickness of asphalt/hotmix/bitumen. #laneway #ROW #asphalt #hotmix #bitumen #extension #repair

Crossover resurface and extension - Perth - Upper Swan - Swan valley

This crossover was badly worn and did not line up with the left side of the brickpaved driveway. We prepared the left hand side with roadbase. Compacted and water bound to form a solid base for a new layer of asphalt - bitumen. The finished product is a smooth black hotmix surface that the client could use immediately to access his property. #crossover #resurface #extension

Carpark extension - Kalamunda - Perth Hills

This commerical shopping centre was undergoing renovations and extensions. The area was excavated to install new drainage. We installed new roadbase, concrete kerb and black asphalt / hotmix to seal. #carpark #extension #PerthHills

Carpark extension - Bentley - Perth

This existing carpark in the suburb of Bentley was not big enough to accommodate the growing number of cars. Several garden beds were removed, kerb re-aligned and turned into additional parking spaces. #carpark #extension

Carpark extension - Bentley - Perth

This existing carpark in the suburb of Bentley was not big enough to accommodate the growing number of cars. Several garden beds were removed, kerb re-aligned and turned into additional parking spaces. #carpark #extension

Driveway Extension with red oxide asphalt - Helena Valley

After this customer had a new wall built next to his driveway, they required the driveway to be extended to meet the new brickwork. The area was first prepared with roadbase before being sealed with red gravelpave hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. commercial property in City Beach required an urgent repair to their carpark. The pothole was patched with black asphalt/ hotmix to prevent any accidents by employees or customers. #driveway #extension #red #oxide #asphalt

Carpark verge extension - Bayswater - Perth industrial

See our next entry for the in progress photo of this area with the roadbase hardstand (hardstand may also be constructed from compacted gravel or compacted limestone). This photo shows the finished product, sealed with a heavy duty thickness of 40mm of black granite asphalt / hotmix / bitumen. The area can be driven on immediately and will be used for customer parking, including regular heavy duty traffic from trucks. #Carpark #verge #extension #industrial

Driveway extension on curved driveway - Hovea - Perth hills

The bend in this driveway in Hovea in the Perth Hills, was badly damaged due to traffic running over the edge. The area was prepared with new gravel/ferricrete/road base, compacted and waterbound, then sealed with red hotmix (also called red 1% asphalt, or red gravelpave bitumen). This has made the driveway easier to use and will keep drivers on the sealed surface. #Driveway #extension #driveway #Perth #hills

Greenmount - driveway extension - black bitumen

This driveway had an existing gravel / ferricrete hardstand surface which although solid was not sealed so would eventually erode and leave dust on vehicles and shoes in contact with it. We first did some minor re-levelling and compaction. Black hotmix / bitumen / asphalt was chosen to blend in with the existing driveway on the property, in Greenmount (perth hills). The timber edging was installed by the owner before our arrival on site, and the sealed surface will provide

Upper Swan - Swan Valley Perth - shed driveway extension

After using the driveway for a short perior (see previous blog entry), the owner decided to extend the driveway out by several metres to allow a wider access path and turning circle / reversing bay. The extension was constructed in black asphalt / black bitumen to match the main driveway. #shed #driveway #extension

Asphalt driveway extension - Greenmount - Perth hill

This Greenmount driveway in the Perth hills needed an extension to allow for more vehicle storage. Our company dealt with the complete project - from removing the garden bed and excess soil, to levelling, then installing a gravel hardstand ready for the asphalt to be laid on. Red hotmix (red gravelpave hotmix, red 1%, red bitumen, red asphalt) was laid to finish the job and seal the area ready for use. This photo was taken immediately after the asphalt was laid, so the red

Asphalt carpark extension - Ascot Perth

Basework, black asphalt and heavy duty concrete kerbing - this carpark extension will last for many years and ties in flush with the surrounding carpark. The new carbays can be used immediately. #Asphalt #carpark #extension

Red asphalt gravelpave driveway extension - Orange Grove, Perth

This property in the Perth foothills required a new driveway to be installed to allow access to a newly built house and garage. All excess fill was excavated and removed from site, roadbase installed and compacted before being sealed with red gravelpave hotmix / asphalt. The new surface smoothly ties in to the existing driveway neatly. Location: Orange Grove, Perth #Red #asphalt #gravelpave #driveway #extension

Crossover extension - Perth Hills - Kalamunda

The edge of this existing bitumen / asphalt crossover had broken away from traffic consistently driving over the edge. The damaged section was sawcut and removed. The gravel hardstand levelled and compacted before being sealed with black bitumen / asphalt / hotmix. #crossover #extension #PerthHills