Carmel - culvert drain - hardstand crossover

The first 3 photos below show part of the verge prior to any of our work taking place. Our client requires a wide crossover on this semi-rural / industrial property to allow access for large trucks and machinery. The existing culvert trench has been excavated and prepared for the installation of new 300mm Ø culvert pipes and headwalls to match. Following the installation of the new culvert pipework the trench was filled and compacted. A 150mm thick layer of gravel/ferricrete

Glen Forrest - driveway - crossover - parking area

The following six photos show existing hardstand areas prior to any works commencing. The following nine photos show the same areas as above cleared of grass, scraped clean and the beginning of gravel/ferricrete being brought in and spread. The following six photos show all the gravel/ferricrete installed, spread, graded, compacted and waterbound. This forms a solid hardstand surface ready for the application of a bitumen tackcoat and a layer of asphalt/hotmix. #gravel #ferr

Lower Chittering - gravel - ferricrete - hardstand - driveway

This existing gravel/ferricrete driveway and crossover was regraded, compacted and waterbound to produce a level hardstand surface which will last a number of years. This surface was graded and rolled approximately 7 years ago by our crew and has lasted well considering it's on a reasonably steep slope. #gravel #ferricrete #hardstand #driveway #crossover #lowerchittering #rural

Gravel ferricrete hardstand parking area driveway - Greenmount Perth hills

Also in Greenmount, in the Perth hills, this house needed some additional parking areas along the front of the house. They chose not to seal the parking area, as they prefer the natural look of gravel / ferricrete surfaces common in the Perth hills area. After the gravel is spread and levelled, it is compacted and waterbound which is why the surface appears wet in the photo. Over the next few days, it will dry and form a very hard and usable surface. Gravel, roadbase or lime

Gravel ferricrete hardstand driveway - Parkerville Perth Hills

Ferricrete gravel (also known as simply gravel) is commonly used by us in the Perth hills areas to match the existing landscape and provides a great material for hardstand driveways, carparks, parking areas and garden paths / footpaths. Hardstand driveways can also be installed using roadbase (which is grey in colour) or limestone (which is a cream / white colour), however gravel is the more popular choice, especially in the Perth hills. Hardstand driveways are very long la

Gravel ferricrete driveway - Kalamunda - Perth hills

This driveway and crossover in the Kalamunda kills area has been prepared for hotmix with compacted and waterbound gravel/ferricrete. Once the surface has dried, it will be ready for asphalt/hotmix. #Gravel #ferricrete #driveway #PerthHills