Gooseberry Hill - driveway - modification - red gravelpave

Below is a driveway completed by us a few months ago. The owner is now installing an electric gate which calls for the installation of a metal rail and concrete footings across the driveway. Once the concrete had set we were contracted to form a ramp to the newly installed gate rail. We saw cut and removed a 2 metre wide section of the driveway. Roadbase was installed, compacted and waterbound to form a ramp to the required levels. The new ramp was then sealed with a bitumen

Boya - asphalt residential path & water diversion hump

Below are before and after pictures of a existing hardstand steep path at the side of a house in the Perth hills suburb of Boya. The surface was scraped clean and an additional 50mm thick layer of roadbase was added, levelled, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface falling away from the house. The surface was then sealed with a bitumen tack emulsion and 25mm thick layer of 7mm laterite hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. An existing worn water diversion hump in the fr

Brigadoon - patching - repair - red gravelpave

Below are before and after photos of damage caused by a removal truck to an existing red gravelpave/laterite driveway in the Perth Hills suburb of Brigadoon. The gouge was swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and filled with a 7mm red gravelpave/laterite hotmix/asphalt with 2% oxide. The patch was reheated - including the surrounding edges before compacting to blend in flush. Once the bitumen oxidises the patch will blend in with the surrounding surface. Note: If the

Gooseberry Hill - red gravelpave bitumen driveway to rear shed

Continuation of the red gravelpave / hotmix / red bitumen / red asphalt - this photo shows the side driveway from the rear viewpoint, looking towards the front of the house and front driveway. We also installed a double parking area next to the brickpaved driveway. Yellow sand has not yet been spread on this asphalt driveway, but will be after the photos have been taken, to protect it from unsightly tyre scuff marks during initial use. This driveway is an easy care, low mai

Gooseberry Hill - red gravelpave bitumen driveway - view from rear

The rear of the new red gravelpave asphalt / red hotmix / red bitumen driveway - with 100mm of roadbase / gravel / limestone beneath it, it will last for many years to come and handle any boat, caravan or other traffic the property owners wish to store on it. This driveway ties in flush to the brickpaved original driveway at the front of the house, and with the brick wall of the house and fence coming down the side of the house. At the rear of the property where this photo

Red gravelpave driveway and parking area - Byford - Perth

This customer's driveway and parking area was gravel hardstand and they decided to seal the area with red gravelpave hotmix/asphalt. The surface appears quite dark as this photo was taken on the day it was laid, but it will turn a lighter red over time with exposure to sunlight. #Red #gravelpave #driveway #parking

Red asphalt gravelpave driveway extension - Orange Grove, Perth

This property in the Perth foothills required a new driveway to be installed to allow access to a newly built house and garage. All excess fill was excavated and removed from site, roadbase installed and compacted before being sealed with red gravelpave hotmix / asphalt. The new surface smoothly ties in to the existing driveway neatly. Location: Orange Grove, Perth #Red #asphalt #gravelpave #driveway #extension

Red asphalt crossover and driveway - Lesmurdie

Red gravelpave driveways and crossovers with 1% oxide are a very popular choice for homeowners throughout the Perth hills. As the driveway oxidises the nice natural red colour becomes much more apparent. #asphalt #gravelpave #lesmurdie #crossover