Carmel - culvert drain - hardstand crossover

The first 3 photos below show part of the verge prior to any of our work taking place. Our client requires a wide crossover on this semi-rural / industrial property to allow access for large trucks and machinery. The existing culvert trench has been excavated and prepared for the installation of new 300mm Ø culvert pipes and headwalls to match. Following the installation of the new culvert pipework the trench was filled and compacted. A 150mm thick layer of gravel/ferricrete

Byford - culvert drain - hardstand driveway

The first 3 photos show the old bridge above Beenyup Brook which runs through our clients property. The bridge is collapsing and is a danger to drive over hence steel plates have been placed over subsiding holes temporarily. The following 3 photos show the first truck load of concrete headwalls being delivered prior to the bridge and Brook being excavated to facilitate the installation of the new headwalls and 900mm Ø pipes. The collapsing bridge has been excavated and remove

Brigadoon - sub division - crossover - headwalls - pipes

Below are photos of 2 sites where proposed crossovers are to be installed and 2 photos of an old crossover which is to be widened and new headwalls with concrete pipes installed. Below are 3 photos of an excavator preparing to dig out culvert drains and install the concrete stormwater pipes with concrete headwalls on either side. Below are 2 photos showing stages of the roadbase installation @ 150mm thickness. Below are 6 photos of the roadbase surface to the crossovers - lev

Lesmurdie - crossover, headwalls and culvert pipe

Lesmurdie in the Perth Hills has areas where storm water drains are not part of the street and each property has a drainage trench running along their verge to take care of rain water. We constructed this crossover including a culvert pipe to allow rain water to run under the crossover, and two stone headwalls (one on each side of the crossover). A roadbase / gravel / limestone hardstand basecourse was then installed over the top of the culvert pipe allowing vehicle access f

Culvert pipe and headwalls - crossover - Darlington Perth hills

We installed this concrete culvert pipe and concrete headwalls on a rural crossover in Darlington in the Perth hills. The culvert allows stormwater to flow along the verge uninteruppted by the property owner's rural driveway. A gravel / limestone / roadbase hardstand was then installed over the top of the culvert pipe creating a strong basecourse, then asphalt / hotmix / bitumen was laid to seal the crossover. #Culvert #pipe #headwalls #crossover #Perth #hills