Mt Richon - driveway - crossover - residential

The first two photos below show and existing worn driveway and crossover in Mt Richon. The area was swept clean, depressions and potholes pre-filled and compacted. One side of the driveway adjacent to the limestone wall was extended. Excess fill was removed, roadbase was installed compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The following three photos show the new red gravelpave/laterite hotmix resurfacing completed. The hotmix/asphalt strip on each side of the driv

Jane Brook - residential driveway - crossover - steep

The first two photos show the existing crossover and hardstand driveway to a newly built house in the Perth hills suburb of Jane Brook. The existing hardstand surface which was contaminated with sand was excavated and removed. The sub-base was levelled prior to a minimum 100mm thick layer of roadbase was laid, levelled, compacted and waterbound. Once the newly laid hardstand surface had dried out the area was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and a 25mm thick layer of 7mm lateri

Hovea - crossover - red gravelpave hotmix

The photo below is an existing gravel hardstand crossover in the Perth hills suburb of Hovea. The photo below shows the finished crossover. We removed any debris from the existing surface, laid a 50 - 100mm layer of gravel which was levelled, compact and waterbound to leave a hardstand surface. The surface was then tacked with a bitumen emulsion and sealed with a 7mm laterite/gravelpave hotmix with 1% oxide @ a minimum thickness of 25mm. #redgravelpavehotmix #hills #hovea #cr

Swan View - crossover - carbays

Below are before and after photos of a gravel hardstand parking area and old asphalt crossover in the Perth hills suburb of Swan View. The gravel hardstand parking area was relevelled, compacted and waterbound. The crossovers edges were trimmed to tie in flush and the surface was swept clean. Both area were tacked with a bitumen emulsion and then sealed/resurfaced with a 25mm thick layers of 7mm laterite/gravelpave hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. The surface appears very dark w

Mundaring - crossover - construction - hotmix - bitumen

Below are before and after photos of a crossover construction in the Perth hills suburb of Mundaring - to the Shire of Mundaring specifications. The area was scraped clean of any contaminated material and concrete patches were removed with the Bobcat. The area was topped up with a layer of roadbase to ensure a minimum thickness of 150mm and then sealed with a bitumen tack and 25mm thick layer of 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. The area was sprinkled with sand which prevents

Swan View - patching - carpark - commercial property

Below are before and after photos of patching of a carpark around a newly installed soakwell lid in a commercial carpark situated in the hills suburb of Swan View. We installed, compacted and waterbound roadbase/gravel to prefill the limestone excavation which had been sawcut. We Supplied, installed and compacted a 40mm thick layer of 10mm granite black hotmix/asphalt to seal the newly installed bitumen tacked roadbase/gravel. Sand was sprinkled over the finished surface to a

Glen Forrest - resurface - driveway - asphalt

These photos show the worn driveway and parking area behind a Glen Forrest residential house as well as an excavated section along the middle of the concrete driveway. The parking area was swept clean, removing all dust and debris in preparation for resurfacing. The excavated section of driveway was filled with roadbase (gravel), compacted with a vibrating roller and waterbound. Below are photos of the excavated section of driveway sealed with a liquid bitumen tack and 25mm l

Parkerville - driveway - roadbase - hardstand - potholes

The first 3 pictures show the worn and potholed roadbase hardstand crossover and driveway in the hills suburb of Parkerville in need of attention. Below are 2 pictures of the finished driveway. Once the loose vegetation was removed from the surface we pre-filled the pothole with roadbase, graded, compacted and waterbound the area. After the surface had dried it was ready for immediate use as in this instance the owners did not want the area sealed with asphalt/hotmix/bitumen

Gooseberry Hill - driveway - crossover - construction

The first four photos show the original driveway to this secluded residence in the hills suburb of Gooseberry Hill. A well worn washed out hardstand driveway in need of attention. The following five photos show the hardstand surface after we scraped the existing driveway, spread, levelled, compacted and waterbound a layer of roadbase. This driveway is ready for sealing once the leaves and vegetation which had fallen over night are swept off. The four photos below show the com

Swan View - Medical Centre - hills - carpark repair

This Medical Centre red coloured carpark had a water mains burst underneath. On completion of the repair work by the Plumbers we were contacted to compact and fill the excavation with roadbase and patch with a bitumen tack and 40mm thick layer of red gravelpave hotmix with 1% oxide. The repair work has only just been completed and you can still see the water stains from the vibrating compacting roller which was used to give a smooth finish. #repairs #hills #carpark #redgravel

Darlington - hills - potholes - red - black - asphalt - repairs

Below are photos of two neighbouring badly worn driveways and crossovers. The lives of these ageing driveways have been extended by many years by simply patching them with a bitumen tack and either red gravelpave or black hotmix/asphalt. This is a cost effective way of getting many more extra years out of your driveways until eventually they can be resurfaced. #repairs #potholes #bitumen #hills #asphalt #hotmix #red #black #darlington

Darlington - repairs - hardstand driveway - crossover - patch

Below are before and after pictures of a potholed bitumen crossover and the asphalt/hotmix/bitumen potholed patch overlaying the damage to seal this worn crossover and give it an additional number of years of life. The pothole was first cleaned out, weeds removed, tacked with bitumen emulsion and then overlaid with a 40mm thickness of asphalt/hotmix/bitumen - ready for immediate use. Sand was sprinkled over the freshly laid surface (which blows away in a short amount of time)

Kalamunda - speedhump - driveway resurface - red asphalt

This 2 metre wide hump was formed under the gate to deter the owner's little dog from escaping through the gap. The speedhump (dog hump!) was constructed out of red asphalt/hotmix on a bitumen tacked surface. We installed this crossover and driveway approximately 10 years ago and the owner's are very happy with the outcome. #kalamunda #hills #hump #repair #driveway #crossover #redasphalt #hotmix #bitumen

Kalamunda - recycled asphalt - hotmix - hardstand

The existing hardstand recycled asphalt/hotmix/bitumen parking area was extended to allow for additional parking for more vehicles. The area was excavated and 100mm thickness of recycled/profiled asphalt/hotmix/bitumen road surface was used to form a compacted hardstand level surface. Customers prefer this surface to hardstand roadbase, gravel, ferricrete or limestone as in the summer this surface does not become dusty nor muddy in winter. If the customer decides to seal this

Kelmscott - before photo - crossover - resurface

This aging crossover in the Perth hills suburb of Kelmscott is in desperate need of resurfacing. The crossover was swept, potholes and depressions pre-filled and made ready for resurfacing with a 25mm thick layer of black asphalt/hotmix/bitumen. #repair #crossover #hotmix #bitumen #resurface #asphalt #hills #potholes

Red asphalt driveway with kerbing - Darlington - Perth hills

Photo was taken several years after this job was completed, so the red asphalt has had a chance to lighten in colour over time. We installed semi-mountable kerbing on this Perth hills driveway before sealing it with red asphalt / red gravelpave hotmix / red bitumen. #Red #asphalt #driveway #kerbing #Perth #hills

Rural driveway Bickley Perth Hills - red bitumen with kerbing

This rural driveway in Bickley has been finished off nicely with red hotmix (also called laterite hotmix or red gravelpave asphalt). This photo was taken one year after the driveway was laid and some of the red colouring has started to appear, and this will continue to lighten over time. Semi-mountable kerbing has been laid either side of the driveway which isn't necessary for strength or durability but provides a very nice finish. #rural #driveway #Perth #Hills #red #bitume

Verge in red asphalt - Kalamunda - Perth hills

These property owners wanted a low maintenance verge so opted to seal the area with red gravelpave hotmix/asphalt/bitumen (also called red oxide hotmix/asphalt/bitumen). We boxed out the area (removed excess fill/gravel/sand) then installed a 100mm thick roadbase/gravel hardstand basecourse which was compacted and waterbound to form a solid basecourse ready for the hotmix/asphalt/bitumen surface to be laid on. The final step of installing 25mm of red gravelpave hotmix/aspha

Driveway resurface - Darlington - Perth hills

This Darlington (Perth hills) driveway and crossover was potholed and in need of repair. We prefilled the potholes with roadbase/gravel then laid red gravelpave hotmix (red oxide bitumen / red oxide asphalt) over the top to create a new driveway surface. The surface levels were modified to ensure water is diverted to the new precast concrete kerbing then into a drain/soakwell. Red asphalt is quite dark when first laid, then turns lighter red over time as the oxide reacts wi

Driveway resurface 2 - Darlington - Perth hills

This is the same job as shown in the previous entry, now it has been covered with a layer of yellow sand on top of the red gravelpave hotmix (red oxide asphalt / red oxide bitumen) to allow immediate traffic access and reduce unslightly scuff marks on the asphalt/bitumen/hotmix surface. #driveway #resurface #Perth #hills