Kewdale - Industrial - liquid containment - bund

Below are before and after photos of a bunded storage area set up to contain liquids if leaking occurs. The first three photos show a section of the area marked out with white paint and tacked with a liquid bitumen emulsion to ensure adherence of asphalt. The last three photos show the finished bund/hump. A 10mm granite black asphalt/hotmix was added to the area, raked to form a 100mm high bund/hump, rolled with a vibrating pedestrian roller and gassed and tidied up with a ha

Boya - red hotmix driveway extension

This aging red asphalt driveway has been extended to the carport, a ramp has been formed to a new concrete platform and an 11 metre long water diversion hump was installed ensuring water flow away from the house. Roadbase/gravel was installed, compacted and waterbound and used as the base followed by a bitumen tack and a 25mm thick layer of red gravelpave laterite hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. Additional red asphalt/hotmix was used to form the water diversion hump. Over time

Kalamunda - speedhump - driveway resurface - red asphalt

This 2 metre wide hump was formed under the gate to deter the owner's little dog from escaping through the gap. The speedhump (dog hump!) was constructed out of red asphalt/hotmix on a bitumen tacked surface. We installed this crossover and driveway approximately 10 years ago and the owner's are very happy with the outcome. #kalamunda #hills #hump #repair #driveway #crossover #redasphalt #hotmix #bitumen

Mosman Park - driveway patch - hump - crackfilling

The angle of this driveway in the exclusive suburb of Mosman Park was directing all the rain water towards the driveway entrance of the house. We installed a water diversion hump made of bitumen emulsion to tack to the existing surface and used asphalt/bitumen/hotmix to form the hump which was ready for immediate use once it had cooled down. We also patched a couple of potholes and the excavation adjacent to the spoon drain and sprinkled sand on the new patches to avoid any s

Raise asphalt under gate - Bickley - Perth hills

See previous entry for photo showing half way through construction. This photo shows the completed job where asphalt (also called bitumen or hotmix) has been laid over the new hump. #hump

Bitumen water diversion hump - Bellevue Perth

This commercial property in Bellevue, Midland ( had problems with rain water flowing into their shed storage area. We installed a large water diversion hump with black asphalt / bitumen, and the hardstand roadbase yard was also regraded to prevent water flowing towards the shed. #Bitumen #water #diversion #hump

Red asphalt hump - Maida Vale

The owners of this property had installed a new electric gate that unfortunately sat so high off the existing driveway their pet dogs could escape underneath. We were given the task of forming a red asphalt / bitumen / hotmix hump beneath the closed gate to ensure the owners beloved pets would stay safely inside the fence line. #red #asphalt #hump