Welshpool - industrial patching

Below are before, during and after photos of pothole patching at an industrial site in Welshpool. This industrial storage site comprises of a hardstand roadbase surface. The management utilises our company to fill any depressions/potholes which appear causing a safety issue for their forklifts. Potholes were swept clean, tacked and patched with a 14mm granite intersection mix. We have patched this site a few times over the years and find this repair work to be long lasting a

Welshpool - industrial - patching - commercial

Below are before and after photos of a commercial/industrial yard in the Perth suburb of Welshpool. Sections of the yard are sealed and covered in loose roadbase. Some depressions/potholes have appeared in a few areas which haven't been sealed. We were contracted to fill the undulating sections to allow for safe forklift and truck use. The areas were swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and filled with an average 40mm thick layer of 10mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. T

Kewdale - Industrial - liquid containment - bund

Below are before and after photos of a bunded storage area set up to contain liquids if leaking occurs. The first three photos show a section of the area marked out with white paint and tacked with a liquid bitumen emulsion to ensure adherence of asphalt. The last three photos show the finished bund/hump. A 10mm granite black asphalt/hotmix was added to the area, raked to form a 100mm high bund/hump, rolled with a vibrating pedestrian roller and gassed and tidied up with a ha

Neerabup - trenches - industrial - commercial - patching

Below are before and after photos of more work carried out in this Northern Perth suburb of Neerabup. This heavy industrial yard had considerable work carried out with extensive fire hydrant services being installed. Once the contractors had installed their pipework, sawcut the trenches, filled and compacted the limestone base we were contracted to install bitumen tack emulsion and 10mm granite black asphalt/hotmix @ 40mm thickness. Once the finished surface was compacted the

Neerabup - trench -carbays

Below are numerouse before and after photos of a large industrial/commercial site in the northern Perth suburb of Neerabup. Contractors had sawcut and excavated trenches throughout the property to install fire hydrant services. The trenches were backfilled and compacted with limestone. We were contracted to supply and lay bitumen emulsion tack and 10mm granite black asphalt/hotmix @ average 40mm thickness to patch the trenches. The newly laid asphalt/hotmix was cooled down wi

Perth Airport - patching - trench - excavations

Below are before photos of an existing hardstand roadbase trench and excavation at an industrial yard near the Perth Airport. The excess roadbase was removed once loosened with our Bobcat. The after photos of the trench and excavation once the excess roadbase had been removed, the surfaces compacted and waterbound and sealed with a bitumen tack emulsion and a 50mm thick layer of 10mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. The surface was compacted flush and made ready for immediate us

Henderson - commercial - patching - industrial

This industrial yard in Henderson has just been vacated and the tenants have removed structures which were concreted into the ground. We were called in to fill the excavations with a compacted roadbase (gravel) and seal with a bitumen tack and a 25mm layer of 10mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. The edges were not required to be cut straight. As you can see the surface of the entire yard shows severe wear and tear from heavy industrial use. The following photos show sealed and

Belmont - industrial loading bay - patching - repairs

Below are photos of 3 subsided and damaged sections of loading bay which were cut out, swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and patched with a 14mm granite black hotmix approximately 60mm thick. The patches were compacted thoroughly to avoid any possible damage which may be caused by their solid tyre forklift. #belmont #industrial #yard #loadingbay #potholes #repairs #bitumen #commercial #asphalt

Bibra Lake - repairs - industrial - asphalt - patching

This industrial property in Bibra Lake had a number of deep subsidences in their driveway and loading dock area. The areas were saw cut, removed, prefilled, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and patched with 14mm granite black hotmix/asphalt @ thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 100mm. #bibralake #hotmix #repairs #patching #asphalt #industrial #subsidences

Bayswater - worn carpark - yard - resurface

This commercial/industrial front yard/carpark in Bayswater is severely oil damaged and paint stained. The owners decided once the oil damage has been removed to then prefill and resurface the entire area, re-align some concrete kerbing and replace some severely broken sections of kerbing. As you can see in the photos the distinct colour difference from the neighbouring section of asphalt is oil stained. Once the kerbing work was completed we heavily swept the area, removed

Industrial yard repair - Bayswater - Perth

The entry to this commercial premises in Baywater - Perth, was badly worn and potholed. The area was sawcut, excavated and disposed off site. Black asphalt / hotmix was used to seal the area and allow for normal use immediately. #Industrial #yard #repair

Industrial Warehouse bitumen repair - Bayswater - Perth

The driveway through the middle of this warehouse was badly damaged. The area was sawcut, excavated and disposed off site. Black asphalt / hotmix was laid to seal the area flush with the surrounding surfaces to allow for a smooth transition from new to old. #Industrial #Warehouse #bitumen #repair

Industrial bitumen repair - Bentley

The existing bitumen surface along side the concrete entry to this warehouse had sunken and caused a dangerous lip for forklift access. The area was sawcut and removed. New black asphalt / hotmix was installed flush with surrounding surfaces. The job was completed in a few hours and the client was able to resume normal business operation immediately. #Industrial #bitumen #repair

Roadbase ramp to loading bay – Bentley – Perth industrial

Roadbase has been supplied and laid to form a ramp up to the loading bay, giving better access for trucks and forklifts. This is done in preparation for the hotmix/asphalt/bitumen surface to be installed at 40mm thickness for heavy truck usage (photos of completed job to follow). Roadbase and asphalt are an affordable option when extending or repairing industrial yards and can withstand very heavy traffic when installed at the correct specifications. The clients chose roadb

Completed loading ramp - Bentley - Perth industrial

Completed asphalt loading ramp in Bentley (Perth southern industrial suburbs), allowing trucks and forklifts to better access the loading dock. The area can be used immediately and has been covered with yellow sand to minimise scuff marks (which don't affect the strength of the surface but don't look nice!). See our previous entry for a photo of the roadbase, supplied and installed at an average of 200mm to create the shape of the ramp. This photo shows the completed asphal

Preparation of carpark extension - Bayswater - Perth industrial

This industrial yard in Bayswater - Perth eastern suburbs industrial - needed to seal their front verge carpark area. We arrived on site and excavated (boxed out) excess fill to allow room for the new materials to be laid. A 150mm thick heavy duty roadbase/gravel hardstand surface was installed (pictured). This area is now ready to be sealed with asphalt/hotmix/bitumen, and due to heavy duty specifications will be ready to handle regular truck and forklift traffic. #carpark #

Carpark verge extension - Bayswater - Perth industrial

See our next entry for the in progress photo of this area with the roadbase hardstand (hardstand may also be constructed from compacted gravel or compacted limestone). This photo shows the finished product, sealed with a heavy duty thickness of 40mm of black granite asphalt / hotmix / bitumen. The area can be driven on immediately and will be used for customer parking, including regular heavy duty traffic from trucks. #Carpark #verge #extension #industrial

Bitumen trench repair - Bentley - Perth industrial

Our client required reinstatement of the bitumen / asphalt / hotmix after bollards and other equipment were installed in their carpark and yard area. The existing asphalt was sawcut to provide a neat finish, then the fill in each patch and trench was compacted. The basecourse (either roadbase / gravel / limestone - in this case roadbase) was installed at 150mm thickness to provide heavy duty specifications. Heavy duty asphalt / bitumen / hotmix (with 10mm aggregate - hence

Heavy duty soakwells in industrial yard - Bibra Lake - Perth

This industrial yard required several large soakwells to deal with stormwater drainage. Existing roadbase was excavated to allow for installation of the soakwells, then backfilled and compacted around the new soakwells and heavy duty lids. #Heavyduty #soakwells #industrial

Industrial trench repair in bitumen carpark / yard - Bayswater - Perth industrial east suburbs

A trench had been cut, excavated to install services then backfilled before our arrival on site. We compacted the sub-base and added 150mm of roadbase which was compacted and waterbound forming a strong basecourse which can withstand heavy duty traffic. The trench was then sealed with asphalt (also called bitumen or hotmix) which ties in flush to the surrounding existing bitumen carpark. One of the benefits of bitumen / asphalt over concrete is that it can be easily repaire