Kalamunda - driveway - extension - crossover

The two photos below show the existing driveway prior to any works commencing. The client has requested us to widen and resurface the crossover and driveway. The following two photos show the completion of the basework. Excess fill was removed, the extensions were filled with a 100mm thick layer of roadbase/gravel, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The remaining driveway was swept clean, weeds removed and potholes/depressions pre-filled with base. The edge

Boya - asphalt residential path & water diversion hump

Below are before and after pictures of a existing hardstand steep path at the side of a house in the Perth hills suburb of Boya. The surface was scraped clean and an additional 50mm thick layer of roadbase was added, levelled, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface falling away from the house. The surface was then sealed with a bitumen tack emulsion and 25mm thick layer of 7mm laterite hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. An existing worn water diversion hump in the fr

Mt Richon - driveway - crossover - residential

The first two photos below show and existing worn driveway and crossover in Mt Richon. The area was swept clean, depressions and potholes pre-filled and compacted. One side of the driveway adjacent to the limestone wall was extended. Excess fill was removed, roadbase was installed compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The following three photos show the new red gravelpave/laterite hotmix resurfacing completed. The hotmix/asphalt strip on each side of the driv

Brigadoon - patching - repair - red gravelpave

Below are before and after photos of damage caused by a removal truck to an existing red gravelpave/laterite driveway in the Perth Hills suburb of Brigadoon. The gouge was swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and filled with a 7mm red gravelpave/laterite hotmix/asphalt with 2% oxide. The patch was reheated - including the surrounding edges before compacting to blend in flush. Once the bitumen oxidises the patch will blend in with the surrounding surface. Note: If the

Lesmurdie - patch - red gravelpave driveway - crossover

This old and badly worn driveway/crossover has had it's life extended by repairing the worst broken away section. The patch was initially cut straight but due to its age the edges were constantly crumbling away. The deep hole was pre-filled, the timber edge section replaced and then a 50mm thick layer of red gravelpave hotmix/asphalt/bitumen with 1% oxide was used to patch. The owners intend to resurface the driveway and crossover in the future but expect to get a few more y