Parkerville - driveway - roadbase - hardstand - potholes

The first 3 pictures show the worn and potholed roadbase hardstand crossover and driveway in the hills suburb of Parkerville in need of attention. Below are 2 pictures of the finished driveway. Once the loose vegetation was removed from the surface we pre-filled the pothole with roadbase, graded, compacted and waterbound the area. After the surface had dried it was ready for immediate use as in this instance the owners did not want the area sealed with asphalt/hotmix/bitumen

Finished red asphalt driveway - Parkerville Perth hills

This large double driveway and crossovers was first prepared into a gravel hardstand - see our previous Blog entry. The entire area was then sealed with red asphalt (known by several names including red oxide bitumen, red oxide hotmix, red 1% asphalt, red gravelpave bitumen) to complete the job, making it an ultra low maintenance surface, easily cleaned, not needed any annual maintenance, and built to last for many years. #Finished #red #asphalt #driveway #Parkerville #Perth