Glen Forrest - driveway - crossover - parking area

The following six photos show existing hardstand areas prior to any works commencing. The following nine photos show the same areas as above cleared of grass, scraped clean and the beginning of gravel/ferricrete being brought in and spread. The following six photos show all the gravel/ferricrete installed, spread, graded, compacted and waterbound. This forms a solid hardstand surface ready for the application of a bitumen tackcoat and a layer of asphalt/hotmix. #gravel #ferr

Swan View - crossover - carbays

Below are before and after photos of a gravel hardstand parking area and old asphalt crossover in the Perth hills suburb of Swan View. The gravel hardstand parking area was relevelled, compacted and waterbound. The crossovers edges were trimmed to tie in flush and the surface was swept clean. Both area were tacked with a bitumen emulsion and then sealed/resurfaced with a 25mm thick layers of 7mm laterite/gravelpave hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. The surface appears very dark w

Red oxide asphalt driveway and parking area - Darlington Perth hills

After removing the top soil from this existing driveway and parking area in Darlington in the Perth hills, a gravel base was used to prepare the area for the red asphalt / hotmix / bitumen seal. The driveway blends in flush with the existing concrete driveway, garage and road. No edging was used on this job which allows the garden beds be brought up flush to the edge of the driveway. The bitumen surface can also be used for basketball courts either at home, or for professi

Industrial parking area - South Guildford - Perth eastern suburbs

This carpark extension was constructed with the intended use of a Machinery Display area. A smaller carpark previously existed in this area. We removed the excess fill from the extensions to create a much bigger and more accessible area. Roadbase/ gravel was installed at 150mm (due to its intended use of heavy vehicles) and sealed with 40mm of granite black hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. To keep the raised garden beds from spilling onto the bitumen / asphalt / hotmix surface a

Gravel ferricrete hardstand parking area driveway - Greenmount Perth hills

Also in Greenmount, in the Perth hills, this house needed some additional parking areas along the front of the house. They chose not to seal the parking area, as they prefer the natural look of gravel / ferricrete surfaces common in the Perth hills area. After the gravel is spread and levelled, it is compacted and waterbound which is why the surface appears wet in the photo. Over the next few days, it will dry and form a very hard and usable surface. Gravel, roadbase or lime

Visitor parking bay on verge - red asphalt - Greenwood Perth

This property in the nothern Perth suburb of Greenwood required street parking to meet shire requirements. We were contracted to excavate and dispose of all excess fill off site, install roadbase, concrete kerb and seal with red gravelpave hotmix/asphalt. All works were completed to shire specifications and left ready to use immediately. #Visitor #parking #red #asphalt

Red asphalt driveway and parking area - Roleystone - Perth hills

The owners of this new house in the roleystone hills needed a clean sealed parking area. Roadbase was used to level and prepare the area before red asphalt / hotmix was laid to seal. The finished product is clean, smooth and drains water to soakwells and garden beds. #Red #asphalt #driveway #parking #PerthHills

Asphalt parking bay - East Cannington Perth

A regular builder client needed a verge parking bay installed for a new residential development in Cannington, to comply with Shire specifications for adequate parking. We completed the preparation, basecourse (limestone on this particular job), red asphalt, flush kerbing along the front of the back to tie in flush with the road surface, and barrier kerbing along the other edges of the parking bay. #Asphalt #parking #bay

Red gravelpave driveway and parking area - Byford - Perth

This customer's driveway and parking area was gravel hardstand and they decided to seal the area with red gravelpave hotmix/asphalt. The surface appears quite dark as this photo was taken on the day it was laid, but it will turn a lighter red over time with exposure to sunlight. #Red #gravelpave #driveway #parking

Parking bay - Woodvale

This new sub-divided property in Woodvale required the installation of a street side parking bay. All existing fill was removed and the area prepared with roadbase. Kerb was installed to the perimetre and the area sealed with red asphalt / bitumen / hotmix. All aspects were carried out to shire specifications. #parking #bay #redasphalt

Asphalt Repairs - Perth Airport

The existing bitumen surface to this plane parking area was deteriorating and creating a hazard for the planes engines. The areas were sawcut and removed, all debris swept clean and patched / repaired with black asphalt / hotmix/ bitumen. The finished surface was left perfectly clean so no loose material could damage the planes engines. #Asphalt #Repairs #parking

Roadside parking bay - Woodvale

This newly constructed house in the Northern suburb of Woodvale required an additional roadside parking bay to be installed to meet shire requirements. The excess fill / material / grass was removed and disposed off site. Roadbase was installed and compacted before being sealed with red gravelpave hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. The area was finished off with concrete kerb to protect the edges and linemarked. #parking #commercial #kerbing