Boya - asphalt residential path & water diversion hump

Below are before and after pictures of a existing hardstand steep path at the side of a house in the Perth hills suburb of Boya. The surface was scraped clean and an additional 50mm thick layer of roadbase was added, levelled, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface falling away from the house. The surface was then sealed with a bitumen tack emulsion and 25mm thick layer of 7mm laterite hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. An existing worn water diversion hump in the fr

Wooroloo - path - asphalt - repairs

This path at public premises in Wooroloo had a couple of potholes along the side and a 6 metre long section at the end which was severely damaged by vegetation. The damaged section was cut out. The roadbase section was revelled, tacked and a layer of 25mm thick 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt/bitumen was laid flush to the surrounding surfaces. Within minutes the hotmix/asphalt/bitumen surface was cool and ready for immediate use. #Wooroloo #perthills #asphalt #hotmix #bitum

Glen Forrest - asphalt - path - repair

A small section of a path in the Perth hills suburb of Glen Forrest which has just had the old damaged asphalt/hotmix surface and tree roots removed. The roadbase surface was re-leveled, compacted and waterbound and then sealed with a bitumen tack and 25mm thick layer of asphalt/hotmix. #glenforrest #perthhills #asphalt #hotmix #path #repair

Glen Forrest - repair - path - asphalt

This section of path in Glen Forrest (Perth hills suburb) was severely raised and damaged by tree roots. The surface was removed, tree roots excavated and cut out, the roadbase filled, re-leveled and re-compacted and then sealed with a bitumen tack and 25mm layer of black asphalt/hotmix. This area was a dangerous trip hazzard before remedial work was carried out. The first two photos show the completed section of path and the third photo shows the same section with the old da

Bitumen path to shed - Piesse Brook - Perth hills

The property owner wanted a low maintenance path from an area of the garden up to a large shed to allow easy access of wheelbarrows and other equipment. This photo was taken immediately after the job was finished so the red colouring has not yet developed in the red gravelpave hotmix (also called red bitumen or red 1% asphalt), but over time it will lighten as the oxide reacts with sunlight. The path is smooth, safe, wont be affected by ants tunnelling, and was able to be u

Red Asphalt Path - Chidlow

This new house constructed in the Perth Hills suburb of Chidlow required a new bitumen crossover, driveway and paths. Allied bitumen was employed to undertake all aspects of the job, from basework to kerbing to the laying of red hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. The finished product was left smooth, clean and ready for immediate use. #redasphalt #kerbing #path #driveway