Welshpool - industrial patching

Below are before, during and after photos of pothole patching at an industrial site in Welshpool. This industrial storage site comprises of a hardstand roadbase surface. The management utilises our company to fill any depressions/potholes which appear causing a safety issue for their forklifts. Potholes were swept clean, tacked and patched with a 14mm granite intersection mix. We have patched this site a few times over the years and find this repair work to be long lasting a

Alexander Heights - pothole patching

Below are before and after photos of an urgent pothole repair at an Alexander Heights commercial centre. The pothole was swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and patched with 10mm granite black asphalt/hotmix - overlapping the edges to ensure a good seal. Work was carried out while the carpark was still in use so as not to inconvenience the client in any way. #alexanderheights #pothole #patching #commercialcarpark #repair #asphalthotmixbitumen

South Lakes - Shopping centre - kerbing - patching

The first two photos below show a drive-thru to a fast food restaurant in South Lakes. Part of the concrete kerb had broken away and has been removed and the sealed surface broke through creating a hazardous large pothole. The pothole edges were trimmed straight, loose adjacent asphalt surface was removed before sealing with a bitumen tack and 7mm thick layer of 10mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. The following photos show the completed repair work after the section of missing

Girrawheen - commercial carpark - subsidence

The photo below shows a subsidence which appeared in a commercial carpark in Girrawheen. #commercialcarpark #subsidence #patch #repair #girrawheen #commerical #asphalthotmix Below are 2 photos of the subsidence being excavated to locate the source. The carpark is many years old and was constructed without the sub-base being totally cleared of vegetation which has resulted in a tree stump rotting away over the years, creating a cavity and then a subsidence. We excavated the re

South Lake - pothole - patching

Below are before and after photos of a pothole that had to be repaired urgently in a commercial carpark in the Perth southern suburb of South Lake. The pothole was swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and filled with a 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt mix - overlapping edges for a good seal. This pothole was patched in a very busy carpark without any interruption to customer traffic flow. #pothole #southlake #asphalt #repair #hotmix #bitumen #patching #carpark

Bennett Springs - urgent repair - burst water pipe

The 3 photos below show the damaged caused to a commerical carpark by a burst water pipe. The water pipe burst overnight and these photos show the site on arrival after the Water Authority had arrived and cordoned off the area. The water pressure created a crater near the tree and lifted the asphalt making the area dangerous and unsafe. #burstwaterpipe #pothole #crater #repairwork #urgent #hazardous #asphalthotmix #burstwaterpipe #pothole #crater #repairwork #urgent #hazardou

Dianella - shopping centre - repairs - pothole

This Shopping Centre in the Perth suburb of Dianella had a section of a carbay in their carpark which consistently got potholes. We swept the pothole clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion, filled and compacted the pothole with a 10mm black hotmix and then overlaid the surrounding area with a 25mm layer of asphalt/hotmix to prevent further potholing. Sand was then sprinkled over the area to make ready for immediate use. #Dianella #shoppingcentre #carpark #carbay #pothole #repa

Martin - Crossover - resurface

Before and after photos of a badly worn crossover in Martin. This crossover was severely potholed from heavy truck traffic. The area was swept clean free of any loose material, weeds removed, the area tacked with a bitumen emulsion, potholes pre-filled and then a 25mm layer of 7mm granite black asphalt/hotmix was laid and compacted to form a brand new surface. Shortly after these photos were taken the hotmix surface was sprinkled with sand and made ready for immediate use. #M

Lesmurdie - patch - red gravelpave driveway - crossover

This old and badly worn driveway/crossover has had it's life extended by repairing the worst broken away section. The patch was initially cut straight but due to its age the edges were constantly crumbling away. The deep hole was pre-filled, the timber edge section replaced and then a 50mm thick layer of red gravelpave hotmix/asphalt/bitumen with 1% oxide was used to patch. The owners intend to resurface the driveway and crossover in the future but expect to get a few more y

Kelmscott - crossover - resurface - asphalt - hotmix

With just a sweep of all the loose material off the surface of the driveway and pre-filling of a few potholes and depressions we added a bitumen tack and a 25mm thick layer of asphalt/hotmix/bitumen and compacted with a vibrating roller whilst still hot. The edges appear jagged as the dirt has been pulled in on the left hand side and the asphalt surface finished up against a home-made aging concrete drain on the right hand side. As you can see we have a huge improvement on th

Pothole repairs - Bentley - Perth

The entry to this commerical property in Bentley had a large pothole causing issues with delivery vehicles accessing the site. The pothole was sawcut and damaged surface removed before being patched with black asphalt / hotmix / bitumen. #pothole #repairs #commercial

Potholed area removed - bitumen laneway - Midland Perth

Here we have an asphalt/bitumen driveway/laneway which was badly worn in the Perth suburb of Midland. We cut out the damaged sections of bitumen/asphalt driveway and disposed of the old material. Once the underlying roadbase was prepared, we tacked and sealed it with 25mm thick asphalt. This is similar to a minor section of driveway construction. #pothole

Driveway pothole repairs - Darlington

These temporary pothole repairs to a driveway in the Perth suburb of Darlington were completed to ensure the area was free from trip hazards until the whole area is due to be resurfaced early in the new year. #driveway #pothole #repairs

Pothole patching - O'Connor Perth

This heavily used commercial carpark was in need of some pothole repairs and small patches. #Pothole #patching

Carpark pothole repair - Armadale Perth

This driveway to an apartment complex had several potholes becoming trip hazards to the residents. The potholes were swept clean of debris and dust before being patched with black hotmix / asphalt. Location: Armadale, Perth #Carpark #pothole #repair

Pothole repairs - Kardinya - Perth

This commerical carpark in Kardinya had several small potholes throughout their carpark. The potholes and swept clean, tack coat applied and patched with asphalt / hotmix. #pothole #repairs

Pothole repairs - Alexander Heights

This commercial property in Alexander heights had several deep potholes throughout public access areas creating dangerous trip hazards. A few hours on site early one morning, all potholes were filled and repaired, ensuring all customers could traverse the carpark safely. #pothole #repairs #commercial

Temporary pothole repairs - Kalamunda

This badly worn and damaged driveway is in need of resurfacing however the owner has chosen to temporarily patch the holes until they are ready to have the whole driveway completed later in the year. #Temporary #pothole #repairs

Pothole repairs - Halls Head

This commercial property in the Perth southern suburb of Halls Head had some large potholes due to heavy traffic and rains. The potholes were swept clean, filled and compacted before being sealed with black bitumen / hotmix / asphalt. The pothole repairs were carried out early one morning and was ready for traffic by the time customers were arriving. #pothole #repairs #commercial #carpark

Pothole repairs - Bibra Lake

Temporary pothole patching to prevent water causing more damage until a complete resurface of this area is completed at a later date. #Pothole #repairs