Roleystone - patching - red asphalt - residential driveway

Below is a photo of a completed excavation/plumbing repair work through a residential red asphalt/hotmix driveway in Roleystone. The excavation has been backfilled and compacted in layers ready for our crew to effect repairs. #redlateriteasphalt #perthhills #roleystone #redhotmix #patching #excavation #driveway The following two photos show the completion of the patch. The excavation was filled with roadbase, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The edges wer

Boya - asphalt residential path & water diversion hump

Below are before and after pictures of a existing hardstand steep path at the side of a house in the Perth hills suburb of Boya. The surface was scraped clean and an additional 50mm thick layer of roadbase was added, levelled, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface falling away from the house. The surface was then sealed with a bitumen tack emulsion and 25mm thick layer of 7mm laterite hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide. An existing worn water diversion hump in the fr

Gooseberry Hill - driveway resurface - flush concrete kerb

The first 4 photos show sections of this worn residential crossover and driveway in the Perth Hills suburb of Gooseberry Hill. The surface was swept clean after matching concrete kerb was supplied and installed to the crossover edges which had broken away over time. Potholes were prefilled and the area was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and resurfaced with a 25mm thick layer of 7mm laterite/gravelpave hotmix/asphalt. Once the area was resurfaced the area was sprinkled with sa

Maida Vale - crossover resurface - patching

Below are before and after photos of an extremely worn crossover and a second potholed crossover and driveway in Maida Vale. The potholed crossover was swept clean, potholes prefilled and compacted with roadbase and vegetation removed. The surface was then tacked with a bitumen emulsion and resurfaced with a 25mm thick layer of 7mm red gravelpave hotmix with 1% oxide. The potholes were swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and patched with 7mm red gravelpave hotmix with

Darlington - pothole patching - red asphalt

Below are before photos of sections of this aging driveway which have a number of potholes throughout. The owner asked us to patch the worst areas to extend the life of the driveway a number of years. Photos of the completed work to this worn driveway. The potholed areas were swept clean, bitumen tack emulsion added and patched with 7mm laterite red asphalt/hotmix with 1% oxide - overlapping edges. The patches appear dark initially but over time will oxidise and take on a sim

Gooseberry Hill - driveway - crossover - construction

The first four photos show the original driveway to this secluded residence in the hills suburb of Gooseberry Hill. A well worn washed out hardstand driveway in need of attention. The following five photos show the hardstand surface after we scraped the existing driveway, spread, levelled, compacted and waterbound a layer of roadbase. This driveway is ready for sealing once the leaves and vegetation which had fallen over night are swept off. The four photos below show the com

Red Hotmix Driveway - Darlington

The existing driveway to this property in the Perth Hills suburb of Darlington was very badly worn and potholed. Access to the property was difficult and dangerous. All loose debris was removed from site and the area re-leveled with roadbase. Red hotmix / asphalt / bitumen was then laid to seal the whole area creating a smooth safe entry to the property. #redhotmix #driveway