Roleystone - patching - red asphalt - residential driveway

Below is a photo of a completed excavation/plumbing repair work through a residential red asphalt/hotmix driveway in Roleystone. The excavation has been backfilled and compacted in layers ready for our crew to effect repairs. #redlateriteasphalt #perthhills #roleystone #redhotmix #patching #excavation #driveway The following two photos show the completion of the patch. The excavation was filled with roadbase, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface. The edges wer

Roleystone - hills - black asphalt

Below are photos of an extremely steep hillside at the rear of a property where the owner requested us to install a driveway, crossover and carbays. The surface was scraped clean of any vegetation and a 100mm thick layer of gravel/laterite/roadbase was laid, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface in preparation for asphalting. The surface was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and covered with a 25mm thick layer of 7mm granite black hotmix without any kerbing to the