Bitumen repair around soakwell - West Perth

This commercial property had existing drainage installed many years ago and the surrounding area had begun to subside. The area was saw-cut and excavated to locate the problem. The join between the soak well and overflow pipe was repaired, back filled and compacted. A new layer of black hotmix asphalt was applied to seal the surface and the owners were able to return to using the area the same day. #Bitumen #repair #soakwell

Commercial soakwell/drainage & carpark repair - West Swan, Perth

It is common for the bitumen surface surrounding old soakwells to subside over time. At this commercial property in the swan valley we saw cut and removed the sunken surface, disposing of all waste off site. The area was relevelled and compacted with roadbase before a black asphalt seal was laid. #Commercial #soakwell #drainage #carpark #repair

Soakwell installation in carpark - Rockingham

This carpark in the rockingham area was installed without sufficient drainage. We supplied and installed new soakwells to the lowest point of the carpark. New roadbase was installed and red hotmix used to seal the excavation and match the surrounding material. New red hotmix when laid is much darker than aged hotmix although being the same product. #Soakwell #installation #carpark

Commercial patches around soakwell - Perth city

Trenches and patches around this commercial carpark and soakwell were patched to form a solid, long-lasting surface flush with the surrounding carpark. The patches look a little coarse because a larger 10mm hotmix was used for extra strength (generally used when a finer, smoother finish is not required like in residential jobs). #Commercial #patches #soakwell