Darlington - water diversion hump

Below are photos showing a long water diversion hump installed along the side of an existing red asphalt driveway. The client contacted us to install the water diversion hump as rain water was causing wash-out damage to the natural surface along the side of the driveway. The water has now been diverted to run off the driveway in an area suitable for discharge. The edge of the driveway was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and the hump formed out of 7mm gravelpave/laterite hotmix

Boya - Perth hills - asphalt - water diversion hump

Below is a photo of a completed water diversion hump installed in line with the garden concrete kerb in front of a house entrance. On days of heavy rain water flowed down the driveway encroaching the front door. We were contracted to install a bitumen tack and form a water diversion hump with 10mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. In heavy rain the water runs along the kerb and instead of flowing towards the door of the house now runs along the hump before discharging into the ga

Parkerville - red asphalt water diversion hump

Below are photos of a reasonably steep driveway and a newly installed red water diversion hump. This property had the problem of excess rain water running down the long driveway and flooding around the house. A section was cut out of the existing concrete kerb and an angled water diversion hump was created to divert the rainwater which was running down the driveway away from the house. We applied a bitumen emulsion tack to the driveway surface and formed the hump with red hot