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Two concrete soakwells with covers on th


Adequate drainage is crucial on any driveway, carpark or yard area. This is achieved by having adequate fall over the entire area (whether it is hardstand or sealed with asphalt) so that water does not pool. Soakwells can be added on larger areas to allow the water to soak away below the surface.


We only use heavy duty concrete soakwells which are designed to last many years. These come in many sizes, and will be chosen based on the capacity needed for your particular job. They can be installed with either:

  • a grated trafficable lid (which allows water to flow directly from the surface through the grate into the soakwell), or

  • a solid below-ground lid so the soakwell is not visible from the surface (these soakwells would be fed by spoon drains on the surface connected to the soakwell by PVC piping).

Drainage and Soakwells: Service
Old steel drainage of the asphalt road..


Spoon drains are a great way to collect water runoff and divert it away. A spoon drain is often installed in front of garages and PVC pipe is used to take the water from the spoon drain to either a soakwell, or a lower area of the garden to drain away.

Drainage and Soakwells: Service


Common in the more rural areas of Perth, culvert pipes are used in areas where the council has not installed road stormwater drains, and instead there is a channel running along each verge which handles water runoff from the road and surrounding area. A culvert pipe will be installed on each property to allow the owner access to their property by driving over culvert pipe (which allows water flow to continue uninterrupted).

We use heavy duty concrete culvert piping, and pre-cast concrete headwalls on either side of the pipe, to keep them in place. Your crossover (whether it be hardstand or sealed with asphalt) is then installed over the top of the pipe. As the culvert and crossover are both on council property (on your verge), most councils offer a small financial contribution towards the cost of installing or repairing them. Contact your local council for more information as every area is different.

Drainage and Soakwells: Service
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