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Bennett Springs - urgent repair - burst water pipe

The 3 photos below show the damaged caused to a commerical carpark by a burst water pipe.

The water pipe burst overnight and these photos show the site on arrival after the Water Authority had arrived and cordoned off the area.

The water pressure created a crater near the tree and lifted the asphalt making the area dangerous and unsafe.

Below are a few photos of the area after the repair work had been completed.

Once the Water Authority had completed their work, the crater was filled with sand and compacted.

Roadbase was installed, levelled and waterbound to form a hardstand surface.

Damaged sections of asphalt roadway, driveway and concrete footpath were sawcut and removed.

The patches were sealed with a 10mm granite asphalt/hotmix blend to match existing specifications and compacted to form a smooth surface ready for immediate use.

The area was swept clean, rubble removed and once traffic management had left the business clientele were able to access all areas.

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