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Bitumen carpark patch repair - Alfreds Kitchen Guildford - Perth eastern suburbs

Well known burger cafe Alfreds Kitchen in Guildford relies on us to maintain their red bitumen customer carpark which is subject to heavy use due to the popularity of the cafe. These two patches in the bitumen / asphalt / hotmix were sunken, making it difficult for traffic to drive through the carpark. We sawcut and removed the sunken bitumen / asphalt, installed and compacted roadbase to bring the areas back up to the correct level, then laid 25mm of red oxide bitumen to seal them. The two patches appear darker than the surrounding bitumen carpark as the oxide has not yet had a chance to lighten, but will turn a lighter red over time with exposure to the sunlight. Our early start times meant the patches were repaired early in the morning, could be driven on immediately, and business could open as usual that same day.

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