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Brigadoon - sub division - crossover - headwalls - pipes

Below are photos of 2 sites where proposed crossovers are to be installed and 2 photos of an old crossover which is to be widened and new headwalls with concrete pipes installed.

Below are 3 photos of an excavator preparing to dig out culvert drains and install the concrete stormwater pipes with concrete headwalls on either side.

Below are 2 photos showing stages of the roadbase installation @ 150mm thickness.

Below are 6 photos of the roadbase surface to the crossovers - levelled, compacted, waterbound and marked out ready for sealing with a bitumen tack and 25mm thick asphalt/hotmix seal.

We sealed the hardstand crossovers with a bitumen emulsion tack and 25mm thick layer of red laterite/gravelpave hotmix/asphalt with 1% oxide.

The low side of both crossovers had a water diversion hump installed from the road and past the culvert drain to ensure water flow back onto the road. This will reduce the washing out of the newly installed roadbase edges in heavy rain.

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