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Girrawheen - carpark - resurface - linemarking

Below are photos taken a few days prior to works starting at a site in Girrawheen.

As is obvious this 2613m² carpark, driveways, and crossovers are heavily potholed and worn.

We have been contracted to resurface the entire area.

Below are 3 photos of the works underway.

Works start with areas adjacent to flush surfaces (soakwells, concrete paths, ramps etc.,) being cut out and removed so once the 30mm thick new asphalt/hotmix is laid the surrounding surfaces remain flush.

The area is also in the process of being swept of all loose material and debris.

The next 3 photos show the beginning of the asphalt/hotmix being laid.

The surface firstly is tacked with a bitumen emulsion, holes pre-filled and a 30mm thick layer of 7mm granite black asphalt/hotmix is machine laid and rolled with a compacting vibrating roller.

The following 4 photos show the asphalt/hotmix resurfacing completed.

Sand was sprinkled over the entire area to allow for immediate use but rain has already washed the majority of it off.

All that remains now is for the linemarking to be completed once the surface has dried off from the previous nights rain.

The following 12 photos show the majority of the linemarking completed with only a few bays, speedhumps and disabled signs to mark out.

The carpark is now ready for immediate use.

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