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Glen Forrest - driveway - roadbase - hardstand

Before pictures of an existing hardstand roadbase and gravel driveway in Glen Forrest which has badly eroded over many years, creating depressions and potholes.

The owners decided against preparing and sealing the surface with asphalt/hotmix/bitumen due to cost restraints.

After pictures of work carried out on the driveway by our crew.

The sun has obviously risen by the time the work was completed and cast shadows over the hardstand driveway making it difficult to see the finished product.

We added approximately 8 tonnes of roadbase (gravel or limestone can also be used), filled the potholes and depressions, regraded and compacted the wet surface with a heavy vibrating compaction roller.

The finished product is a level hardstand surface which should last many years before more attention is required.

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