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Gooseberry Hill - driveway - crossover - construction

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The first four photos show the original driveway to this secluded residence in the hills suburb of Gooseberry Hill.

A well worn washed out hardstand driveway in need of attention.

The following five photos show the hardstand surface after we scraped the existing driveway, spread, levelled, compacted and waterbound a layer of roadbase.

This driveway is ready for sealing once the leaves and vegetation which had fallen over night are swept off.

The four photos below show the competed sealed driveway with a bitumen tack emulsion and 25mm layer of 7mm laterite red gravelpave hotmix with 1% oxide.

Sand was spread on the surface to allow for immediate use of the driveway which will disperse naturally over the coming days.

The surface is dark when first laid and lightens up over a period of time as it oxidises to a gravel/terracotta finish.

Kerbing was not installed so as to allow for water to disperse evenly over the driveway sides into the native bush.

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