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Gooseberry Hill - red gravelpave bitumen driveway - view from rear

The rear of the new red gravelpave asphalt / red hotmix / red bitumen driveway - with 100mm of roadbase / gravel / limestone beneath it, it will last for many years to come and handle any boat, caravan or other traffic the property owners wish to store on it. This driveway ties in flush to the brickpaved original driveway at the front of the house, and with the brick wall of the house and fence coming down the side of the house. At the rear of the property where this photo was taken, it ties in flush to the surrounding lawn. The edge of the asphalt / hotmix does not need any edging unless it will be driven over regularly, however some people like to install kerbing along the edge for aesthetic reasons. This property owner chose not to install kerbing, however if they change their mind and wish to install it at a later date it can be installed in the future with no issue.

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