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Morley - driveway and carpark construction

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Below are photos of various stages of a driveway and carpark construction project completed in Morley.

All materials including sand, roadbase, soakwells and asphalt have to be carted through a garage to access the rear which is making the job progress slow and tedious.

The first 6 photos show the front, rear and sides of the house prior to any work commencing.

The following 5 photos show stages of the vegetation and excess sand being excavated and removed from site.

The next 5 photos show the five soakwells having been delivered and in the process of being installed.

The photo below shows two soakwells yet to be installed to the front of the property.

The next 2 photos show two soakwells having been installed at the rear of the property.

The earthworks are almost completed to the set levels.

The 2 photos below show the front area about to get a final trim making ready for the arrival of roadbase.

The 8 photos below show various stages of the roadbase installation, levelling, compacting and waterbinding.

The total area of approximately 500m² is being made ready for the laying of the hotmix/asphalt surface.

All the following photos show the completed asphalt surface.

The compacted roadbase was tacked with a bitumen emulsion and sealed with a 30mm thick layer of 7mm laterite hotmix/asphalt.

Once the surface was rolled and compacted the area was covered in sand to allow for immediate use of vehicles. As the surface was being laid on the front section of the property cars were already parking at the rear.

Sand prevents scuffing while the asphalt is still fresh and warm. It will disperse naturally over the next few days.

The red laterite asphalt/hotmix is very dark when first laid. It will lighten up gradually over time as it oxidises - the more sun it gets the quicker it lightens.

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