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Mosman Park - hotmix - asphalt - crossover resurface

The photo of the same crossover before it was resurfaced appears under the date April 11 which was potholed with roadbase/gravel showing through.

The same crossover had also been previously patched with asphalt and was most certainly an eyesore and letting down the appearance of this desirable street in the exclusive suburb of Mosman Park.

We trimmed back the edges of the crossover and removed sections of the asphalt/hotmix/bitumen to enable us to tie in flush along the footpath edge.

The crossover was swept, potholes prefilled and compacted and then tacked with a bitumen emulsion which ensures adhesion of the asphalt/hotmix to the old surface.

While the hotmix was still piping hot it was leveled and compacted with a vibrating roller to give it a smooth surface.

The final result being an aesthetically pleasing entrance to this Mosman Park home.

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