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Neerabup - trench -carbays

Below are numerouse before and after photos of a large industrial/commercial site in the northern Perth suburb of Neerabup.

Contractors had sawcut and excavated trenches throughout the property to install fire hydrant services.

The trenches were backfilled and compacted with limestone.

We were contracted to supply and lay bitumen emulsion tack and 10mm granite black asphalt/hotmix @ average 40mm thickness to patch the trenches.

The newly laid asphalt/hotmix was cooled down with running cold water to allow for immediate forklift and heavy truck use with minimum interruption.

Neerabup continued ...

Below are photos of a section of an existing hardstand verge in various stages of being sealed with a bitumen tack and 10mm granite black asphalt/hotmix @ 40mm thickness.

This area was sealed for use by heavy vehicles adjacent to a sub-station.

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