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Red bitumen crossover - Bickley - Perth hills

Asphalt / bitumen / hotmix is a common driveway material in the Perth hills and these photos show why it is a popular choice as it blends into and compliments the surrounding natural environment. This crossover is actually red oxide bitumen (also called red gravelpave hotmix, red laterite asphalt, or red 1% oxde - all these are the same product with different names) however because it is newly laid, the colouring has not lightened yet and it appears almost black for it's first several months. The colour continues to lighten over time until it appears a light red, almost orange colour, that most Perth hills residents would be familiar with. The customer chose to finish off this crossover with flush kerbing, which is not a requirement for strength or durability (unless you are driving over the edge of the hotmix regularly) but is a very nice finish to the crossover. The kerbing used is extruded heavy duty concrete kerbing (no oxide / colouring added - plain concrete) and all our kerbing is the same type and strength as used on the side of the roads, not garden kerbing.

Red bitumen crossover - Bickley - Perth hills

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