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Rockingham - carpark - resurface - extension

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Below are 2 photos of an old and worn driveway at the rear of housing units in the Perth suburb of Rockingham.

Below are 4 photos of various stages of work where we have removed the excess fill from the proposed driveway extensions, filled the excavations with roadbase @ minimum 100mm thick and compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface ready for asphalting.

Below is a photo of the asphalt/hotmix work in progress.

Following the completion of the hardstand extensions the whole area was swept clean, tacked with a bitumen emulsion and sealed with a 25mm thick layer of 7mm granite black hotmix/asphalt.

Below are 3 photos of the completed driveway resurfacing and extensions.

The area was covered with sand to allow for immediate traffic use.

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