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Subdivision driveway Guildford

This asphalt/hotmix/bitumen driveway was constructed for clients who were subdividing a large block in Guildford, in Perth’s eastern suburbs. The site was a sand track to the two rear blocks on our arrival, as plumbing had just been installed down the driveway to supply the two rear blocks. We levelled the sand, then supplied and installed 100mm of roadbase, which was compacted and waterbound to form a solid hardstand basecourse. It was then sealed with 7mm black coloured asphalt/hotmix/bitumen and it was ready to use immediately after our completion. Kerbing was not added to this job as it was not required, and this also helped to keep the cost down for our clients. Kerbing is generally added for aesthetic reasons or where vehicles drive over the edge of the asphalt regularly and can be added to any asphalt area at a later stage if needed. Yellow sand has been sprinkled on the driveway after completion to protect it from initial tyre scuffmarks. This driveway now meets Shire/Council approval for subdivision requirements and the rear blocks can be sold.

Subdivision driveway Guildford

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