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Victoria Park - carpark subsidence repair

Below are 3 photos of part of a carpark prior to any repairs being undertaken.

The carpark had subsided adjacent to an underground soakwell.

The first photo immediately below shows a section cut out by a plumber to inspect the damage and ascertain the repair work required.

We excavated a 10m² area above the soakwell, removed the lid, cleaned it out, and sealed any holes which may have allowed a leakage to occur into the soakwell cavity.

We sealed the lid onto the soakwell using a thick layer of apshalt.

The excavation was then filled and compacted.

The roadbase was rebuilt, re-levelled, compacted and waterbound to form a hardstand surface.

The area was then tacked with a bitumen emulsion and sealed with a 30mm thick layer of 10mm granite black hotmix/asphalt.

The last 4 photos show the completed repair work including sand being sprinkled to allow for immediate traffic use.

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