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Sprayseal is a process which involves spraying liquid bitumen on to the surface, then a layer of small stones (aggregate) is spread over the liquid bitumen and compacted using a vibrating roller. This is usually done twice to give two coats of liquid bitumen and aggregate. A suitable hardstand surface must be installed prior to the sprayseal being laid, just as with asphalt.

We do not recommend using sprayseal for your driveway or carpark, as it is not as strong or durable as asphalt (hotmix).

Sprayseal is used extensively on roads around Australia, due to its lower cost on a large scale (tens of thousands of square metres), and because it can be laid in very remote areas as the bitumen and aggregate are used at the ambient temperature - they do not need to be heated up as asphalt (hotmix) does. In urban areas, asphalt is available for use and results in a stronger, smoother and longer lasting surface.

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From the Australian Asphalt Paving Association:

"Asphalt is the preferred treatment in urban areas, on heavily trafficked urban freeways and arterial roads, and areas of high traffic stresses. Spray sealing is the surfacing treatment commonly used in rural areas, and is the most economic type of surfacing for the rural road network."

Although we don't recommend sprayseal, we are still able to complete repairs on sprayseal driveways or carparks, where you would like to match the existing surface. This is common on areas of the driveway or carpark where cars turn, as the aggregate eventually wears away leaving a bare patch. The repaired patch will be a darker colour, as the new aggregate has not had a chance to fade in colour over time. Because the stones (aggregate) are rolled into the surface, the final surface will have some loose stones.

Sprayseal is available in two types:

  • Granite aggregate - results in a black/grey appearance. The appearance is similar to rural roads, although smaller stones are used in residential jobs which gives a slightly smoother appearance.

  • Cracked pea gravel aggregate - results in an orange appearance.

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