Bitumen path to shed - Piesse Brook - Perth hills

The property owner wanted a low maintenance path from an area of the garden up to a large shed to allow easy access of wheelbarrows and other equipment. This photo was taken immediately after the job was finished so the red colouring has not yet developed in the red gravelpave hotmix (also called red bitumen or red 1% asphalt), but over time it will lighten as the oxide reacts with sunlight. The path is smooth, safe, wont be affected by ants tunnelling, and was able to be u

Upper Swan - Swan Valley Perth - shed driveway in black asphalt

A large shed needed sealed access so we installed a black asphalt driveway using granite black hotmix. The area was a sandy, grassed surface and we completed all works from start to finish - fill removal, roadbase, black asphalt to create the driveway and vehicle access. Location: Upper Swan, Swan Valley, Perth WA #shed #driveway #black #asphalt

Upper Swan - Swan Valley Perth - shed driveway extension

After using the driveway for a short perior (see previous blog entry), the owner decided to extend the driveway out by several metres to allow a wider access path and turning circle / reversing bay. The extension was constructed in black asphalt / black bitumen to match the main driveway. #shed #driveway #extension

Chidlow - Perth hills - red asphalt shed driveway

A badly cracked and damaged section of existing driveway was cut and removed, and replaced with new red asphalt (also called red oxide bitumen, red bitumen, or red gravelpave hotmix). All debris was disposed off site, leaving no mess for the customer to deal with after our workcrew have completed the job. Location: Chidlow, Perth hills, WA #Perth #hills #red #asphalt #shed #driveway