Boya - driveway - resurface - hotmix - asphalt

The following 2 photos show the worn section of the existing driveway prior to the area being swept clean, trench prefilled with roadbase and resurfaced. The following 3 photos show the finished section of the circular driveway which was resurfaced with a bitumen tack and 25mm thick layer of 7mm granite black asphalt/hotmix. #Boya #driveway #perthhills #residential #resurface #hotmix #asphalt #trench #roadbase

Perth Airport - patching - trench - excavations

Below are before photos of an existing hardstand roadbase trench and excavation at an industrial yard near the Perth Airport. The excess roadbase was removed once loosened with our Bobcat. The after photos of the trench and excavation once the excess roadbase had been removed, the surfaces compacted and waterbound and sealed with a bitumen tack emulsion and a 50mm thick layer of 10mm granite black hotmix/asphalt. The surface was compacted flush and made ready for immediate us

Neerabup - trench - repair - patch - industrial site

Below is a before photo of a pre-prepared hardstand trench which is approximately 46 metres long and 700mm wide. The client has installed a limestone base which was compacted and waterbound followed by the trimming of the edges of the trench prior to our arrival on site. Below is the after photo showing the supply and laying of a bitumen tack and 40mm thick layer of 10mm granite black asphalt/hotmix to seal the trenchwork flush with the surrounding surfaces. We are just in th

Mosman Park - driveway patch - hump - crackfilling

The angle of this driveway in the exclusive suburb of Mosman Park was directing all the rain water towards the driveway entrance of the house. We installed a water diversion hump made of bitumen emulsion to tack to the existing surface and used asphalt/bitumen/hotmix to form the hump which was ready for immediate use once it had cooled down. We also patched a couple of potholes and the excavation adjacent to the spoon drain and sprinkled sand on the new patches to avoid any s

Trench Repairs - Kalamunda - Perth Hills

This commerical shopping centre in the Perth hills / Kalamunda area was undergoing renovations and extensions which required extensive plumbing work. After all the new plumbing was installed, we installed new roadbase, and black / asphalt hotmix to seal. #Trench #Repairs #PerthHills

Trench Repairs - Canning Vale

This trench at a commercial property in Canning Vale was repaired using roadbase and black hotmix / asphalt. The job was completed within a day and access to the rear of the complex was reinstated immediately. #trench #repairs

Bitumen trench repair - Bentley - Perth industrial

Our client required reinstatement of the bitumen / asphalt / hotmix after bollards and other equipment were installed in their carpark and yard area. The existing asphalt was sawcut to provide a neat finish, then the fill in each patch and trench was compacted. The basecourse (either roadbase / gravel / limestone - in this case roadbase) was installed at 150mm thickness to provide heavy duty specifications. Heavy duty asphalt / bitumen / hotmix (with 10mm aggregate - hence

Industrial trench repair in bitumen carpark / yard - Bayswater - Perth industrial east suburbs

A trench had been cut, excavated to install services then backfilled before our arrival on site. We compacted the sub-base and added 150mm of roadbase which was compacted and waterbound forming a strong basecourse which can withstand heavy duty traffic. The trench was then sealed with asphalt (also called bitumen or hotmix) which ties in flush to the surrounding existing bitumen carpark. One of the benefits of bitumen / asphalt over concrete is that it can be easily repaire

Trench excavation for electrical installation - West Perth

This West Perth business needed a trench sawcut and excavated in their asphalt driveway for installation of a new electrical system, then the asphalt / bitumen reinstated. We attended site to sawcut and excavate the trench on one day - you can see in the photo that we have had to work around existing service pipes (in this case water pipes). Electrical contactors completed their installation the following day, then we were able to reattend site on a second visit to backfill

Finished trench for electrical installation - West Perth

Completed asphalt / bitumen / hotmix trench - after we sawcut and excavated this trench several days ago, a new electrical system was installed and we then returned to the site in West Perth to backfill and seal the trench over, allowing access to the asphalt bitumen carpark and driveways to re-open. #finished #trench #electrical #installation

Trench Repairs - Bibra Lake

This industrial property in Bibra Lake required an upgrade to their property which included many trenches for water and electrical. Areas were first saw cut, any contaminated fill removed and roadbase installed and waterbound. Hotmix was laid @ 40mm thick due to the expected heavy use of the area. Now that it is all finished off, business can get back to normal for the customer. #Trench #Repairs

asphalt repairs - trench - Myaree - Perth industrial

Asphalt repairs / bitumen repairs are one of our main specialties. After previous tradesmen had excavated and installed services, we were called in to repair the bitumen driveway and restore access. We also patched around new bollards and filled any small potholes to prevent them from becoming a bigger problem. Location: Myaree, Perth, WA #asphalt #repairs #trench

Trench Repairs - Beckenham

This commercial property in the Perth suburb of Beckenham needed to upgrade the water supply to the rear of the property. We sawcut and excavated the trench, allowing the plumbers to install new pipework. Clean fill was used to back fill the trench before being sealed with black hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. #Trench #Repairs

Trench Repairs - Beckenham

This commercial property in the Perth suburb of Beckenham needed to upgrade the water supply to the rear of the property. We sawcut and excavated the trench, allowing the plumbers to install new pipework. Clean fill was used to back fill the trench before being sealed with black hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. #trench #repairs

Bitumen carpark trench repair at hotel - Carlisle

After plumbers had completed their work, we were contracted to reinstate the bitumen/asphalt surface. The sand was compacted before installing roadbase and a bitumen/hotmix seal. This job was completed one morning ready for the client to use immediately. #Bitumen #carpark #trench #repair

Asphalt trench repair - Murdoch Perth

A damaged underground water pipe at this industrial property was excavated and repaired before our company attended site to repair the asphalt surface. The edges were cut straight and the excavation sealed with black asphalt / hotmix. These works were carried out in the early morning to reduce the impact on surrounding businesses. Location: Murdoch, Perth #Asphalt #trench #repair

Trench repairs - Bibra Lake

This existing bitumen crossover needed to be excavated to install new services to the property. Bitumen / Hotmix / Asphalt was used to patch the area and finish flush with the surrounding surface. The area was ready to be used immediately so the client could continue normal operation of their business. #trench #asphalt #repair #crossover #driveway