Duncraig - parking bays - new residential development

The builders of this new residential development requested us to install parking bays for two vehicles along the edge of the street. The first two photos show the surface prior to any work taking place. The road concrete kerbing was saw-cut and removed, excess sand also removed and the remaining surface levelled and compacted. The following two photos show the completion of the installation and compaction of a hardstand roadbase surface. The roadbase was installed at a minimu

Bayswater - carpark - yard - resurface

On completion of the preparation and resurfacing with 25mm layer of asphalt/hotmix/bitumen the area was scattered with yellow sand to avoid any scuffing and was ready for immediate use. You can see the immediate difference from the neighbours worn and potholed driveway. As the asphalt oxidises and becomes harder there will be less chance of any scuffing or wearing by traffic or machinery. #commercial #asphalt #hotmix #bitumen #kerbing #repair #potholes #carpark

Armadale - carpark - kerbing

Further work to this Armadale commercial carpark included narrowing the exit driveway and making ready for new electric sliding gates by installing concrete kerb to increase the size of the garden bed and a concrete footing for the sliding gate. #kerbing #carpark #carbays #driveway

Red asphalt driveway with kerbing - Darlington - Perth hills

Photo was taken several years after this job was completed, so the red asphalt has had a chance to lighten in colour over time. We installed semi-mountable kerbing on this Perth hills driveway before sealing it with red asphalt / red gravelpave hotmix / red bitumen. #Red #asphalt #driveway #kerbing #Perth #hills

Rural driveway Bickley Perth Hills - red bitumen with kerbing

This rural driveway in Bickley has been finished off nicely with red hotmix (also called laterite hotmix or red gravelpave asphalt). This photo was taken one year after the driveway was laid and some of the red colouring has started to appear, and this will continue to lighten over time. Semi-mountable kerbing has been laid either side of the driveway which isn't necessary for strength or durability but provides a very nice finish. #rural #driveway #Perth #Hills #red #bitume

BEFORE: damaged kerbing - Bentley Perth commercial area

Kerbing was badly damaged along the edge of the entrance to this industrial / commercial property in Bentley. The damaged kerbing was removed and disposed of, and broken edges of hotmix / bitumen / asphalt were repaired and ready for new kerbing to be laid the following day. #damaged #kerbing #commercial #area

kerbing replacement - Bentley Perth commercial area

See previous entry for before photo. This photo shows the edges of the damaged driveway repaired, and the area prepared for new kerbing to be laid. #kerbing #replacement #commercial

Damaged kerb replacement - Greenwood

Tree roots had damaged and lifted a section of concrete kerb outside this commercial premises causing a dangerous trip hazard to customers and employees. The damaged section was cut out and removed, tree roots cut back and new kerb installed. #kerbing #repair #commercial

Roadside parking bay - Woodvale

This newly constructed house in the Northern suburb of Woodvale required an additional roadside parking bay to be installed to meet shire requirements. The excess fill / material / grass was removed and disposed off site. Roadbase was installed and compacted before being sealed with red gravelpave hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. The area was finished off with concrete kerb to protect the edges and linemarked. #parking #commercial #kerbing

Red Asphalt Path - Chidlow

This new house constructed in the Perth Hills suburb of Chidlow required a new bitumen crossover, driveway and paths. Allied bitumen was employed to undertake all aspects of the job, from basework to kerbing to the laying of red hotmix / asphalt / bitumen. The finished product was left smooth, clean and ready for immediate use. #redasphalt #kerbing #path #driveway