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Duncraig - parking bays - new residential development

Updated: Jan 4

The builders of this new residential development requested us to install parking bays for two vehicles along the edge of the street.

The first two photos show the surface prior to any work taking place.

The road concrete kerbing was saw-cut and removed, excess sand also removed and the remaining surface levelled and compacted.

The following two photos show the completion of the installation and compaction of a hardstand roadbase surface.

The roadbase was installed at a minimum thickness of 100mm, compacted, waterbound and marked out ready for asphalt and kerbing.

The following photo shows red laterite asphalt/hotmix with 2% oxide laid prior to the installation of the concrete kerbing.

Standard procedure would be to install the kerb first to ensure the kerbing doesn't stain the new hotmix - but due to the up-coming Christmas holidays and to ensure completion of the carbays prior to Christmas the asphalt was laid first due to the manufacturing plant closing down for the long break. The kerbers took extra care not to stain the newly laid sealed surface as can be seen in the last two photos.

The two photos below show the completed carbays with heavy-duty semi-mountable concrete kerb.

The surface will oxidise over the next few months and become a lighter gravel/laterite colour.

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