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Completed loading ramp - Bentley - Perth industrial

Completed asphalt loading ramp in Bentley (Perth southern industrial suburbs), allowing trucks and forklifts to better access the loading dock. The area can be used immediately and has been covered with yellow sand to minimise scuff marks (which don't affect the strength of the surface but don't look nice!). See our previous entry for a photo of the roadbase, supplied and installed at an average of 200mm to create the shape of the ramp. This photo shows the completed asphalt/hotmix/bitumen at an average thickness of 40mm which is heavy-duty and will withstand years of wear from trucks and forklifts. Your average residential driveway only needs 25mm thickness of asphalt/hotmix/bitumen in contrast, as it is only subjected to normal traffic and will also last for many years.

Completed loading ramp - Bentley - Perth industrial

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