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Resurface and extend crossover - Samson - Fremantle area

This crossover in Samson (Fremantle area) had seen many years of life but was old, worn and in need of a facelift. The existing surface was still very solid, so we swept it clean of any loose rubble, prefilled a few small potholes/depressions, then resurfaced it with a new fresh 25mm layer of red gravelpave hotmix with 1% oxide (also called red oxide hotmix/asphalt/bitumen or red laterite hotmix/asphalt/bitumen). The owners also took the opportunity to make the crossover slightly larger, allowing for easier access from the road to their concrete driveway and garage. This photo was taken immediately after the job was completed, so you can see the red oxide hotmix/asphalt/bitumen is still very dark (almost appears black for the first few weeks) - this crossover will lighten to the usual light red colouring over time as the oxide within it reacts with sunlight.

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