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New asphalt driveway - Kalamunda Perth hills

The property owners driveway was previously gravel hardstand with sandy patches making a dusty and unsealed entrance and parking area. We scraped the contaminated top layer of gravel off to dispose of, then laid a fresh layer of gravel/roadbase to be compacted and waterbound forming a solid hardstand basis for the asphalt/hotmix/bitumen to be laid on to. 25mm of black asphalt/hotmix/bitumen completed the job and the property owners are very happy with the new area. You can see in the photo that concrete kerbing was not used on the edges, the owners preferred a less formal look, and much of the sides was butted up against garden edging anyway. Some property owners choose to have semi-mountable, mountable, barrier or flush concrete kerbing added to the sides of their driveways and crossovers for aesthetic reasons.

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