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Byford - culvert drain - hardstand driveway

The first 3 photos show the old bridge above Beenyup Brook which runs through our clients property.

The bridge is collapsing and is a danger to drive over hence steel plates have been placed over subsiding holes temporarily.

The following 3 photos show the first truck load of concrete headwalls being delivered prior to the bridge and Brook being excavated to facilitate the installation of the new headwalls and 900mm Ø pipes.

The collapsing bridge has been excavated and removed ready for the installation of the new drainage system.

The excavator on site is preparing to lift in two 900mm Ø stormwater culvert pipes and matching headwalls.

Pipes and headwalls installed, checked for water flow and backfilling has begun.

The following 4 photos show the completed hardstand driveway installed over the newly constructed drainage system.

The excavation was backfilled, compacted and covered with a combination of roadbase and gravel to match existing surfaces.

Note the headwalls are exposed above ground level for safety purposes acting as a guide for traffic.

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